Things to Do Around the Hunter River

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hunter river michaelThe Hunter River weaves its way through the Hunter Valley in New South Wales, rising from the Liverpool Range and ending up in the Tasman Sea. It is home to numerous species of plant and animal life, and there are plenty of adventurous pursuits and relaxing activities to do along its length. 

Upstream of the picturesque Lake Glenbawn, the river is joined by ten tributaries and thirty-one more when you get downstream of the reservoir. To the east of Hexham, the Hunter River gets divided into two channels which flank the Kooragang Wetlands, an area that feeds numerous ponds, including Milham, Wader, and Swan. 

Discovered by European explorers in the 1790s, the Hunter River is now a popular hotspot for keen anglers, as well as families looking to enjoy the stunning scenery of the Hunter Valley and its surroundings.
The river acts as a gateway to the Hunter Valley Wetlands, an area that is home to a whole host of fish species ideal for fishermen, as well as swimming spots and the Hunter Wetlands National Park. Here, you can spot all sorts of vibrant native birds, and learn more about the unique ecosystem that characterises the region.  hunter valley golf course michael

It’s a very family friendly location, with a number of activities that are suitable for all members of the family. You can enjoy a picnic or BBQ at one of the designated spots, or you can take a stroll along the river’s banks and marvel at the eclectic selection of wildlife that lives there. 

Other Things to Do Around the Hunter River

As well as wildlife and walks, there are plenty of other things to do in the vicinity of the Hunter River. The Hunter Valley is a haven of culture and adrenalin-pumping pursuits, so get stuck in while you’re there. 


There is a selection of golf courses situated in the landscape around the Hunter River, and the pretty banks make for the perfect greens with incredible views over the nearby scenery. 

hunter valley balloon michaelBallooning 

The Hunter Valley rolls out in a patchwork quilt of fields, quaint towns, and vintage wineries, so exploring the region from the air in a hot air balloon is a great way to soak up everything on offer. From the skies, you can watch the meandering river as it unfolds throughout the valley and beyond. 


Hop aboard one of the many boats that cruise along the Hunter River to experience it up close. Navigate the twists and turns, and keep your eyes peeled for the resident wildlife.

The Top Eateries of the Hunter Valley

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vineyard michaelThe Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s premium winemaking regions and boasts numerous cellar doors and pretty vineyards just waiting to be explored. But the wine isn’t the only thing that draws in visitors by the thousands. In fact, the valley is also renowned for its delectable foodie selections, many of which are made up of locally-grown, fresh produce.

Here are some of the best restaurants to try if you find yourself hungry in the Hunter Valley.

1.    Sabor in the Hunter

This memorable experience is one of the Hunter Valley’s newest additions on the foodie scene. It boasts a menu filled with classic dishes, and there is a delicious selection of seasonal desserts to get stuck into.

2.    San Martino Italian Bites

Serving up fine Italian fare, this restaurant can be found in the heart of the Hunter Valley. It prides itself on its family-run, welcoming atmosphere, but the alfresco dining area is also a huge hit.

3.    Sebel Kirkton Park

Set insides the glorious confines of an old, colonial-style hotel, this fusion restaurant looks out over stunning views of the Brokenback Ranges and offers a fine dining experience for those looking to tuck into some of the more upmarket dishes available in the Hunter Valley. Hunter food michael

4.    Shakey Tables Restaurant

At this adventurous restaurant, you can try a range of innovative Australian dishes against a backdrop of an old country farmhouse.

5.    Spicers Vineyards Estate – Botanica Restaurant

Set on one of the Valley’s vineyards, this restaurant offers a romantic place to grab a bite to eat. The dining room is particularly spectacular, with views out across the vineyard and beyond to the Brokenback Mountain Range. You can choose from a range of gourmet dishes here to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

hunter food 2 michael6.    Tamburlaine Vineyard Cellar Door

Another of the Valley’s vineyards provides excellent foodie fodder. This huge producer of organic wines also carries out private tastings for visitors who want to learn more about the region’s local produce and try flavours that reflect the serene calm of the valley.

7.    Tapeo on Belmore

You can find this tapas restaurant in the riverside suburb of Lorn. Enjoy delicious small plates while dining against the rustic courtyard backdrop for the ultimate countryside experience.
Eating in the Hunter Valley is a delightful experience, especially when the innovative, local dishes are paired with the region’s world-famous wines.

Visiting the Smelly Cheese Shop in Hunter Valley

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smelly cheese michaelSee it, smell it, love it is the apt tagline of the Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop. Dating back to 2002, this artisan store and tourist attraction is just a two-hour drive outside of the hustle and bustle of Sydney.
Here, the team work hard to bring visitors the finest local cheese and gourmet treats, ranging from seasonal fruits and vegetables to homemade gelato. It’s not just a cheese-lover’s dream – there are plenty of other tasty delights to tuck into and try, including olives and meats. The shop prides itself on being locally owned and operated, only hiring people who live in its close vicinity.

The Tasty Treats at the Smelly Cheese Shop

Despite its name, the Smelly Cheese Shop makes and sells so much more than just cheese. Today, you can browse the collection of over 3,000 chutneys, preserves, oils, vinegars, and even kitchen utensils as they decorate the walls of the spacious interior.  hunter cheese michael

In the Fromagerie, you can try some of Smelly’s own range of delicious cheeses, which are lovingly handmade by cheesemaker Simon Gough. These cheeses sit alongside a range of imported varieties, giving you the chance to try a whole host of unique flavours.

Things to Do at the Smelly Cheese Shop

There is plenty to do at the Smelly Cheese Shop! Start with the counter tastings – which are free – and then move on to the $3 structured tasting experience that gives you the chance to try more flavours and learn all about the cheese varieties that you’re trying.

gelato michaelThis tour takes place in the Cheese Room, and gives you an insight into the goings-on behind-the-scenes at the Smell Cheese Shop.
If you’re more of a sweet treat lover, don’t panic! Smelly’s has it’s very own, very popular gelato bar that boasts over 200 different flavours. You can tuck into unique offerings like Ferrero Rocher, Mango, and Raspberry flavoured gelato – don’t forget to pick some up to take away with you.

The Smelly Cheese Room is a pivotal part of foodie culture in the Hunter Valley. Bringing together locally-made cheese, meats, vegetables, and condiments, it provides the perfect insight into the cuisine of the region and gives you the chance to try some unique and delicious flavours. 

Start with the tasting tour and move onto buy some of your own slices of Cheesy heaven to take home with you – and don’t forget to swing by the gelato bar on your way out.

Accommodation at Cypress Lakes Resort

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hunter MichaelJust a two-hour drive from Sydney and moments from the lush countryside of the Hunter Valley, Cypress Lakes Resort offers a luxury stay in stunning surroundings. The tranquil setting is ideal for a family stay or a vacation with friends, whether you’re looking to indulge in some golf or simply explore the attractions that can be found all around it.

The accommodation at Cypress Lakes Resort is second to none, with one, two, three, and four bedroom villas, each of which is self-contained with its own luxury facilities. The elegant furnishings give each accommodation unit a welcoming touch, while the private balconies promise incredible views across the Valley and beyond. Each room has its own private dining area and the surrounding bushland is home to an 18-hole golf course. cypress lakes Michael

If you’re looking for an upmarket stay in relaxing scenery, Cypress Lakes Resort is a good bet. Each apartment is decked out with a modern kitchen, a cosy fireplace for when the evenings draw in, and spacious living and dining areas that lead out onto big, private balconies perfect for enjoying the views from.

Elsewhere at the resort, there are plenty of attractions and activities for you to enjoy. In the main part of Cypress Lakes Resort, there is a well-stocked bar and barbecue facilities so you can have a leisurely Aussie-style barbecue with friends and family.

cypress 2 michaelThere is also a pool and a day spa for the ultimate relaxing experience, and business facilities if you’re looking to host a conference or meetings while in town. For those who want to keep fit, the in-house gym is a great place to hang out, and there are laundry facilities, outdoor furniture, televisions and a tennis court.

The Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s premier destinations, offering visitors the chance to explore local culture in a stunning setting. It’s well-known for its excellent wineries which are peppered around the patchwork landscape, but there are plenty of other things to do, too, which you can reach from the central location of Cypress Lakes Resort.
You can take a bike ride through the surrounding landscape, explore charming towns packed full of art galleries and local cafes and, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you can take to the skies in a hot air balloon and discover the sprawling scenery from a different perspective.

However you decide to spend your time in the Hunter Valley, Cypress Lakes Resort is a good place to start.

The Sparkling Wine Production Process in the Hunter Valley

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sparkling wine s4x3The Hunter Valley is well-known for its wide selection of wineries that promise an authentic taste of Australia. Throughout the region, there are numerous vineyards that produce and sell their tipple all over the world.

And the wine in this part of Australia comes in all flavours and colours, with sparkling wine proving to be a popular production choice.

The majority of sparkling wine produce in the Hunter Valley is made using Chardonnay or Pinot Noir grapes, but there is also a unique specialty that is made using Shiraz grapes to create a red sparkling wine.

It’s hard to believe, because we tend to pop a bottle of it at every celebration, that sparkling wine was originally a winemaking accident. It would come about when the winemaker would bottle and seal the wine, thinking the process was done and dusted, but the fermentation wasn’t complete.

sparkling shirazAt this point, there would still be sugar in the bottle along with a number of living yeast cells, which would cause a second round of fermentation. The carbon dioxide in the bottle would be trapped, so when it was finally opened the wine would be bubbling (as well as cloudy from the yeast residue).

The bubbliness was never a problem, but drinkers tended to dislike the cloudiness, which is why winemakers in the Hunter Valley manage the process to eliminate this feature.

How Sparkling Wine is Made in the Hunter Valley
The most popular way that sparkling wine is produced in the Hunter Valley is via the methode traditionelle, which is the same process French Champagne goes through. Cheaper sparkling wines are created using a variety of other methods not dissimilar to the process used to make soda water.

Sparking WineThe methode traditionelle is when the secondary fermentation of the wine takes place in the bottle. The wine itself is matured on yeast lees before the bottles are hand-turned to make sure the lees settles in the neck.

Wines created using the methode traditionelle get their flavour not only from the grapes used, but also from the yeast that is matured and hand-turned inside the bottle. And, the longer the yeast is in the wine, the more intense the flavour is.

What to Pair Your Sparkling Wine With
The difficulty comes when deciding what to pair your bottle of sparkling wine with. In actual fact, it pretty much goes with anything, but pairing it with seafood, tapas, and hors d’oeuvres is the preferred way (particularly if you’re looking to get the party started!).




The Wines and Winemakers of Wynwood Estate

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wynwood estateThe Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s prime winemaking regions and boasts numerous vineyards that produce some of the world’s best-loved wines. One of the newest editions to the Valley’s family is the Wynwood Estate. This new project has snapped up one of the oldest vineyards in the region and is dedicated to creating wines that imbue both the fascinating history of the Hunter Valley and the traditional winemaking ways.

Set in a stunning location, the on-site cellar door provides visitors with the chance to sample some delicious flavours as well as enjoy the spectacular views across the Valley and beyond.

Wynwood Estate’s Chief Winemaker

Chief winemaker Peter Lane boasts more than 20 years’ experience in the Hunter Valley wine industry and has worked alongside some of the top people in the Valley over the years.

Wynwood Estate 2Lane decided at a young age that he wanted to go into winemaking after growing up with a keen interest in science, viticulture, and agriculture. He then went on to land his first job in the industry at Mount Pleasure as a trainee chemist, which is where he developed his love for Hunter Shiraz and Semillon. Afterwards, it was onto Southcorp where he worked at Tulloch Wines for the best part of the 1990s. Here, he learned a different side to winemaking before he was taken on by Tyrrells as an assistant winemaker.

Lane’s extensive experience and love of winemaking means he has the knowledge, skill, and passion to create some of the Valley’s best wines at the Wynwood Estate.

The Wines of Wynwood Estate

Wynwood produces a range of delicious wines, from fortified varieties, to blossoms and everything in between.

The Grey Gum Limited Release Range

Wynwood Estate 1Perhaps the most popular line of wines from Wynwood is the Grey Gum Limited Release Range. These bottles of red are made exclusively with fruit from Barossa, bringing a unique array of flavours to the wine. They boast full flavours and can be enjoyed at the estate right now.

Grey Gum Range

The original Grey Gum Range also proves to be a popular collection at the Wynwood Estate. These wines can be enjoyed alongside a range of different cuisines and boast a light, zesty flavour that’s imbued with lots of fruit.

Other wines produced at Wynwood include sparkling blossoms in rose and white, and fortified wines that bring a sense of tradition to the table.


The 5 Best Markets in the Hunter Valley

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hunter valley marketsThe Hunter Valley is famed for its extensive collection of wineries. Here, you can get stuck into the cultural highlights of the region by tasting some of the local tipple, tucking into the seasonal cuisine, and visiting the many markets that scatter the Valley.

Here are some of the best markets to visit.
1. Maitland Markets
On the first Sunday of every month, the Maitland Markets come to town. Having been a part of the Valley for more than 25 years, this market is a firm favourite with locals and visitors. There are stalls both indoors and outdoors, where you can browse artisan goodies and seasonal treats.

2. Handmade in the Hunter Markets
For the arty minded, head to the Handmade in Hunter Markets which take place on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month. While there, you can wander amongst stalls piled high with handmade goods, including paintings and plenty of arts and crafts. The best part is you can meet the makers who tend to their stalls, so you can find out the backstory of your souvenirs and learn more about the hand-making process.

hunter valley markets III3. Laguna Markets
On the 3rd Sunday of every month, the Laguna Market takes place. This fresh food extravaganza brings you delicious veggies, eggs, and herbs from local farms, as well as wool, jewellery, vintage linen and other homeware goods. Every once in a while, you might stumble across a rare treasure or a uniquely crafted souvenir to take home with you.

4. Singleton Farmers & Craft Markets
The Singleton Farmers & Craft Markets come to the Hunter Valley on the 4th Saturday of every month. Located on the picturesque expanse of the Singleton showground, it serves up a selection of locally-made gifts and produce. Tuck into tasty treats, unearth vintage treasures, and soak up the local art while you’re there.

hunter valley markets II5. Wollombi Village Markets
If you find yourself in the Hunter Valley over a holiday weekend, make sure you venture to the Wollombi Village Market on the Monday. Boasting more than 100 stalls, you can pick up everything from local produce, handmade art and crafts, vintage clothes and more.

Markets are an important part of Hunter Valley life. They let locals show off and sell their wares, ranging from handmade art to seasonal produce and everything in between. They’re well worth a visit if you want to dig deeper into the cultural highlights that the Valley has to offer.




Staying in the Hunter Valley: Cypress Lakes Resort

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Cypress Lakes Resort IThe Hunter Valley provides the perfect escape from the city, promising visitors a relaxing break with wine, delicious food, and stunning scenery. In the heart of the hinterland, you’ll find Cypress Lakes Resort, a golf getaway that embodies everything the Valley has to offer.

Perfect for a romantic escape or a laidback cultural jaunt, Cypress Lakes Resort is not only set in beautiful surroundings, but it also has a packed roster of activities you can get stuck into while you’re there. Spread over 25 acres, there is the chance to play golf until your heart is content, explore the wild surroundings, and sample some of the local wines that have made the area famous around the world.

The luxury accommodation and on-site restaurant only add to the charm.

Cypress Lakes Resort IIAccommodation at Cypress Lakes Resort
The accommodation at the resort is made up of a collection of self-contained villas. You can stay in a one, two, three, or four-bedroom villa, many of which boast incredible bush land views of the valley. Rooms are neutral and serene, promising a relaxing stay in the Australian countryside.

The Restaurant at Cypress Lakes Resort
When you get peckish, you can head to the on-site Bodega Restaurant and Bar. Open daily, this welcoming hangout serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While you tuck into local, seasonal flavours and sample some of the renowned Hunter Valley wines, you can admire the sprawling views of the surrounding golf course, lake, and swimming pool.

Things to Do While You’re at Cypress Lakes Resort
Play Golf
The resort is made for golfers, with an expansive course that’s surrounded by picturesque scenery. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, there’s somewhere on the green for you.

Cypress Lakes Resort IIIHot Air Balloon Ride
Hit the skies and see the Valley from a different perspective in a hot air balloon. All around the valley, you can jump in a basket and discover the views at a slower pace.

Cycle or Walk
The scenery surrounding Cypress Lakes Resort is beautiful, boasting eggshell-smooth lakes and lush greenery. Take a stroll around the trails and out into the valley, or hire a bike and use pedal-power to make your way around.

Wine Tasting
The Hunter Valley is renowned for its extensive wine tasting opportunities. Try some of the wines on-site, or head out to the local wineries to learn more about the wine making process in the valley.

Visiting McGuigans Winery in Hunter Valley

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mcguiganwinesThe Hunter Valley is a prime location for wine tasting in Australia – in fact, it is one of the country’s best-loved spots for trying some tipple and exploring the unique and rich history of winemaking.

Throughout the valley, there are numerous wineries and vineyards that showcase the best flavours of the region and who have contributed to the lengthy world-famous heritage of winemaking in Australia.

Today, you can explore many of these wineries, including McGuigans Winery, one of the most popular hotspots in the valley. McGuigan is a name synonymous with winemaking in Australia, and the vineyard itself is imbued in the rich traditions of the Hunter Valley.

McGuigans have been creating wines across four generations, all of whom have ensured winemaking is their lifestyle and who demonstrate a dedication to producing innovation flavours.

McGuiganWhat to Do When Visiting McGuigans

Try the Wines
No trip to McGuigans is complete without trying some of the delicious flavours the winery is well-known for. You can take a guided tour of the winery itself, learning more about how the flavours are produced and how it has evolved over four generations of winemakers. There is a large main hall that’s designed especially for group tasting sessions, but you can also wander around the premises to soak up the charm and heritage of the place.

The Hunter Valley Cheese Company
While at McGuigans Winery, you can also visit the Hunter Valley Cheese Company, where you can experience the tasty delights of the region and enjoy a full cheesy experience – from sampling the delicious, homemade flavours, to learning more about how each cheese is handcrafted and matured to give it its best flavour.

McGuigansMcGuigans is a key example of the huge wine industry in Australia. It promises visitors the chance to explore the rich heritage of the region, as well as learn more about the entire wine world in the country.

Spanning four generations, the wine at McGuigans has gone from strength to strength, boasting unique flavours from the valley and showcasing innovating mixtures that are only found in this part of the world.

While at the winery, be sure to taste some of these unique flavours for yourself and, when you start to get peckish, try some samples of cheese from the Hunter Valley Cheese Company while soaking up the stunning views of the region and beyond.

Things to Do in the Hunter Valley Wine Region

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huntervalley1The rolling hills and vintage vineyards of the Hunter Valley make for the perfect day trip if you’re on the hunt for a hearty dose of culture and stunning views. The Valley sprawls out for miles, encompassing cute pockets of civilization, 100-year-old wineries, and plenty of opportunities to try the local gourmet fare.
If you find yourself in the area, here are some of the top things you can get stuck into.

1.    Wine Tasting
Wine makes up a big part of the Hunter Valley lifestyle, and it has retained its high status in the wine world for more than a century. Here, you’ll find numerous family-run vineyards that produce local flavours imbued with the distinct charm of the valley.

As well as touring the wineries and learning more about the winemaking process, you can sample some of the delicious flavours at the many cellar doors in the region – most of which promise incredible views across the valley.

huntervalley22.    Explore of two wheels
The Hunter Valley lends itself perfectly to outdoor exploration, and one of the best ways to see everything on offer is to hit the road on two wheels. Cycling is a hugely popular activity here, giving you the chance to whizz from one winery to the next, discovering beautiful scenery as you go.

3.    Hit the Skies
If you want more of an adrenalin rush, you can take to the skies in a hot air balloon and explore the valley from a different perspective. Soar high about the patchwork fields and old vineyards, looking out for quaint landmarks from above.

huntervalley34.    Get arty
The Hunter Valley isn’t just known for its wine. In fact, it boasts a rich art scene that can be explored through the numerous galleries and studios that are dotted around. As well as browsing temporary exhibitions, you can visit artist studios and learn more about the skill and inspiration behind their work. This is the perfect cultural accompaniment to a day of wine tasting and exploration.

5.    Taste the Local Produce
As well as wine, the Hunter Valley prides itself on its dedication to delicious foods. You’ll find plenty of restaurants and farm shops serving homegrown fare that brings the best flavours of the valley right onto your plate.

The Hunter Valley really is a must-see. Forming one of Australia’s most cultural hotspots, it brings visitors a collection of art, wine, and food set amongst a stunning backdrop.

Spirits and Something Special at the Hunter Valley Distillery

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hunter distilleryThe Hunter Valley is renowned for its extensive wine tasting opportunities and its cultural landscape filled with delicious eateries and centuries-old vineyards, but the Hunter Valley Distillery offers something a little bit different.

As the only certified organic distillery in the entire Hunter Valley region, it offers visitors a change from the numerous wineries. Here, you can explore the distilling process and sample some local flavours of top shelf spirits, including vodkas, liqueurs, schnapps, and the distillery’s award-winning gin.

What to Do at the Hunter Valley Distilleryhunter distillery hunter valley 1

There are plenty of activities to get stuck into at the Hunter Valley Distillery, including the Cellar door and tastings.

The Cellar door is open every day. Whilst here, you can check out the distilling process, hear from some of the top distillers in the region, and sample some of the unique flavours that the distillery creates.

Tastings are an important part of visiting the distillery. As you learn more about the flavours on offer, you can try them as you go for a spirited taste of the Valley.

hunter distillery hunter valley 8History of the Hunter Valley Distillery

The Distillery originally started life producing a limited edition line of premium organic vodkas. It saw success very quickly after it began selling its award-winning Valli Vodka collection which went on to win the San Francisco World Spirits Competition and came second in the London International Wine and Spirit Competition.

Since then, it has remained a stalwart part of the valley and has employed a dedicated team of distillers who continue to create unique, delicious flavours from organic ingredients from around the Hunter Valley and the surrounding regions.

While on site, you can tuck into seasonal meals at the restaurant and enjoy the stunning views across the Hunter Valley from numerous vantage points. If you’re a culture-vulture with a soft spot for spirits, this is definitely the place to go – especially if you’re looking to take a break from the numerous wineries in the region.

Something Special

Perhaps the most unique thing about the Distillery is that visitors have the chance to create their own spirit. The team there provide the tools, help, and advice you need to launch your very own vodka brand, a range of corporate gifts, or just a special beverage to go alongside an upcoming event. You can choose from a range of vodkas, schnapps, and liqueurs to start you off, while the experienced and knowledgeable team works with you to create a flavour that suits the occasion and your taste buds.

Spirits and Liqueurs at the Hunter Distillery

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hunter distillery hunter valley 1The Hunter Valley is the go-to place for wine aficionados visiting Australia. Known around the world as one of the best wine-producing regions, it has remained a pivotal part of the country’s cultural scene for over a century.

Today, there are numerous old vineyards and family-run wineries dotted around the patchwork countryside of the Valley, providing visitors with a charming look into the winemaking process in the region. As well as wines, there is a delicious food scene in the Hunter Valley, promising seasonal flavours and local ingredients.

You can experience both the wine and the food of the Hunter Valley at the Hunter Distillery. The hot spot remains one of the only certified organic distilleries in the Hunter Valley region – no small feat for an area consumed by wineries.

The Distillery is locally owned and run, keeping the essence of the Hunter Valley deeply embedded in the philosophy and working life of the winery and its produce, which includes a world-famous range of spirits, like vodka, liqueurs, schnapps, and the Distillery’s award-winning Copperwave Gin.

hunter distilleryProducts of the Hunter Distillery

The ingredients used to make the produce at the Hunter Distillery are all organic. You can taste and buy products including Valli Vodka in a range of different flavours, like Apple, Lemon Myrtle, Vanilla, and Chilli, and Black Label Liqueurs and Schnapps, including strawberry, ginger, mango, and butterscotch flavours.

In addition, the on-site Master Distiller can create bespoke Private Label Spirits for special events, like weddings, corporate dos, and functions.

The Philosophy of the Hunter Distillery

hunter distillery hunter valley 8The Distillery prides itself on its philosophy, which has been a part of the winery’s life since it first began.

Only the best, organic ingredients are used to make the spirits and liqueurs, and the winemakers endeavour to solely use Hunter Valley rainwater to create their products.

Traditional, time-proven methods that have been used for decades remain in place, but are paired with the latest production and quality control measures to ensure every batch is as good as it can be.

To top it off, the distillery is a heavy ambassador for passion and hard work. All of the winemakers and Distillers have a deep love for creating delicious spirits and liqueurs that reflect the history and charm of the Hunter Valley.

If you’re in the area, the Hunter Distillery offers a spirit-laden break from the abundance of wineries in the Valley, bringing you new and exciting flavours every single day of the year.