What else does the Hunter Valley offer besides wineries

Hunter Valley is famous around the world as a wine lover’s dream, but what if you aren’t the biggest fan of wineries? The sprawling countryside is bursting with lush greenery and charming shops, enticing visitors to its opulent lifestyle. But a large portion of travellers spends their visit hopping from one winery to the next. Instead of guzzling Pinot Gris from morning to dusk why not avoid the foot traffic and see the alternative attractions this region offers?


Ask any Hunter Valley local and they will proudly boast that the area produces delicious locally sourced foods at the majority of their restaurants and shops. One of the best places to grab a bite to eat is at Cypress Lakes Resort. Doubling as a restaurant and accommodation, the places offer both a delicious meal with a stunning view to go with it. The menu is ever changing, due to the seasonal produce available.

Smelly Cheese Shop

Hunter Valley’s food is renowned for serving a gourmet style that goes in pare with the valley’s sophisticated image. With an array of factories that promise gourmet goodies made from stretch, the Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop is one of these delicious havens. Step through the doors and breath in that stinky cheese smell, and marvel at the collection of wonderous soft, hard, and crumbling cheeses. Fill your belly to the brim as you try the tasting board with cheeses, jams, crackers, and fruit.

Hunter Valley Chocolate Company

Indulge your sweet tooth at the next local gourmet factory, the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company. See the process of chocolate making first hand and get a chance to taste the finishing product. After finding out which chocolate is your favourite grab a take-home bag.

Vodka and Beer House

Even if you aren’t a wine fan, you may still be interested in a drink or two. If a beer or cider does the trick, Matilda Bay Brewhouse is a popular spot. Promising a variety of different types to choose from, with both lunch and dinner available. The working brewery is right next door to the bar with a large window separating them. Allowing you to see the process as you sip on the finishing product.

If you like a stronger drinker spot into Hunter Valley Distillery. Selling vodkas, gins, liqueurs, and schnapps, the distillery gives you a ‘test tube’ tasting which allows you to try out all the flavours.

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