Top 5 Hunter Valley distilleries

Top 5 Hunter Valley distilleries

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/02/2024

Reading time: 2 mins

Hunter Valley may be a wine region, but you can find some unique distilleries with flavoursome spirits.

Around a three hour drive from Sydney, you’ll be welcomed into the state’s most popular wine region, Hunter Valley. Not only does the region produce high-quality wines, but you will also find it has some award-winning spirits.

Most distilleries will have some premium spirits, including vodka, gin, and liqueurs.

1. Hunter Distillery

In Pokolbin, Hunter Distillery is locally owned and operated. The distillery produces award-winning gin, vodka, liqueurs, and schnapps. Hunter Distillery uses premium quality ingredients to make some of the best top shelf spirits in the region.

Visit the distillery and person and sample some spirits through a test tube tasting experience.

2. Small Mouth Vodka

Inside the Hunter Valley Garden in Pokolbin and a small family run business, Small Mouth Vodka. The distillery specialises in producing quality vodkas, gins, liqueurs, and rum. Small Mouth Vodka adds a bit of fun to their drinks with a bit of shimmer! Even with the shimmer, the distillery uses premium and organic locally sourced ingredients.

Be sure to check out the distillery and taste test the simmering gin, vodka, liqueur, and rum!

3. Newcastle Distillery Co

Newcastle Distillery Co. produces handcrafted Australian spirits with ingredients sourced from Australia. You’ll find here a gin and liqueur suited for any occasion.

Come down to the Pokolbin location distillery and try out a tasting of the spirits and even grab a delicious lunch while here.

4. Pokolbin Distillery

Pokolbin Distillery makes the spirits in-house with high-quality ingredients. The distillery produces gins, vodkas, and liqueurs all with unique flavours.

The spirits have naturally sourced ingredients inspired by the family’s Polish heritage and Australia’s native botanicals.

Come visit the distillery for a unique tasting experience and be told about each spirit you’re tasting.

5. Hope Estate

Hope Estate is a family owned and operated distillery, winery, and brewery. They are a bit of an all rounder and have some sensational spirits.

You can visit Hope Estate’s cellar door in Pokolbin and select one of four spirit tastings. Each tasting is served with four different spirits to try, garnish, mixer, and a small ice bucket. If you’re feeling peckish, there are snacks available to purchase.

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