Treat Your Sweet Tooth at the British Lolly Shop

The Hunter Valley excels in all things food and drink. Its sprawling countryside scenes lend themselves perfectly to gourmet dinners, relaxing wine tasting excursions, and fresh farm shops selling local produce.

Amongst all this, you’ll find the British Lolly Shop, a retro look back at some of the best loved chocolate, sweets, and food from Britain – a true blast from the past.

The shop itself was set up by an English owner who wanted to recreate her childhood memories of tuck shops and sweetie stores. The idea was to relive the Friday nights spent rushing to the sweet shop armed with a tiny amount of pocket money to splurge on all the best sweets, chocolate, and goodies.

Sweet shops are a firm favourite tradition in England, where shelves are lined with jars filled with colourful candy in all shapes and sizes. Each time the selection might be a little different than the last, but there would always be one of two sweets that were a regular favourite.

The British Lolly Shop imports more than 400 different types of British sweets and chocolate and displays them in the traditional way – in jars on shelves. Inside, the owners have gone for a light and breezy atmosphere reminiscent of cheerful childhood memories. Free samples give customers the chance to taste their old favourites that they might not have had in years, or to try something new and unexpected.

As well as a line of sweet treats and chocolates known predominantly in Britain, the British Lolly Shop also stocks a gourmet range of British goods that aren’t necessarily for the sweet-toothed. For example, you can also pick up crisps, biscuits, and other savoury snacks, as well as British dinner staples, like Paxo stuffing and Yorkshire pudding mix. It wouldn’t be a British shop without a strong collection of teas, so you’ll also find numerous different brands and styles to choose from.

For British people, this shop is a haven away from home that has the power to propel you back in time to easier days when the hardest decision of the week was what sweets you were going to spend your pocket money on. And, for those who are unfamiliar with Britain’s sweet shop obsession, it is a chance to get to know an age-old tradition that involves plenty of delicious food. A trip to the shop is the perfect dessert to the rest of the Hunter Valley’s gourmet foodie offerings.

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