Visiting McGuigans Winery in Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley is a prime location for wine tasting in Australia – in fact, it is one of the country’s best-loved spots for trying some tipple and exploring the unique and rich history of winemaking.

Throughout the valley, there are numerous wineries and vineyards that showcase the best flavours of the region and who have contributed to the lengthy world-famous heritage of winemaking in Australia.

Today, you can explore many of these wineries, including McGuigans Winery, one of the most popular hotspots in the valley. McGuigan is a name synonymous with winemaking in Australia, and the vineyard itself is imbued in the rich traditions of the Hunter Valley.

McGuigans have been creating wines across four generations, all of whom have ensured winemaking is their lifestyle and who demonstrate a dedication to producing innovation flavours.

What to Do When Visiting McGuigans

Try the Wines

No trip to McGuigans is complete without trying some of the delicious flavours the winery is well-known for. You can take a guided tour of the winery itself, learning more about how the flavours are produced and how it has evolved over four generations of winemakers. There is a large main hall that’s designed especially for group tasting sessions, but you can also wander around the premises to soak up the charm and heritage of the place.

The Hunter Valley Cheese Company

While at McGuigans Winery, you can also visit the Hunter Valley Cheese Company, where you can experience the tasty delights of the region and enjoy a full cheesy experience – from sampling the delicious, homemade flavours, to learning more about how each cheese is handcrafted and matured to give it its best flavour.

McGuigans is a key example of the huge wine industry in Australia. It promises visitors the chance to explore the rich heritage of the region, as well as learn more about the entire wine world in the country.

Spanning four generations, the wine at McGuigans has gone from strength to strength, boasting unique flavours from the valley and showcasing innovating mixtures that are only found in this part of the world.

While at the winery, be sure to taste some of these unique flavours for yourself and, when you start to get peckish, try some samples of cheese from the Hunter Valley Cheese Company while soaking up the stunning views of the region and beyond.

Visit the McGuigans Winery on our Hunter Valley Wine Tour.

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