What to Do in the Hunter Valley?

North of Sydney, this wine region is famous for its delicious locally grown food and wine. Perfect for a day out of the city, travellers flock to this destination to relax with a glass of wine amidst the spectacular natural surrounds. However, Hunter Valley is more than just a wine lover’s dream. It offers a range of attractions to any kind of traveller interested in a getaway from the frantic city life.

What Can You Do in Hunter Valley?

The Food

Who can say no to food? Hunter Valley produces a huge range of different cuisines, with countless restaurants, shops and factories.

The Sweet tooth

If you are dragging your kids along for a day full of wineries, give them a silver lining and stop off at the Hunter Valley Chocolate Factory. Enjoyed by both kids and adults, this place offers a huge range of chocolate, fudge, and other amazing sweets. Using the finest Belgian couverture chocolate, the sweets are made in-house with every kind of flavour you can think of. Try the tastings on offer so you can work out which is your favourite.

The Posh Princess

There are countless restaurants on offer that would fit any fancy travellers need within the Hunter Valley. If you are interested in staying the night or weekend at Hunter Valley, many of the resorts offer exceptional restaurants attached. Oaks Cypress Lakes Resort is both a restaurant and a resort, offering either a lunch stopover or a weekend getaway. Focusing all their cuisines using local producers’ goods, with all the meals paired perfectly with the best wine s in the region.

The Frothy Mate

If you aren’t the biggest wine lover but prefer sipping on a brew, look no further, as Matilda Bay Brewhouse is the place for you. This boutique brewhouse offers countless kinds of ales, lagers, and ciders. Try out the Beer Tasting Paddle to try out twelve brews of beer created in-house! The terrific setting, with a large glass window separating the bar area from the brewery, creates a fantastic atmosphere when you sip on your beer and perhaps grab a quick snack to match it.

The Straight shot

If you want something a little stronger, why not visit Hunter Distillery? This distillery produces exceptional spirits, including vodkas, gins, liqueurs, and schnapps. With any kind of flavour of spirits, you are sure to like at least one. Try out the ‘test tube’ tasting, which presents you with a series of flavours with a description of each with their professional staff.
The sipper

Even if you are not a traditional wine taster, no traveller can visit Hunter Valley without sipping on some of the hundreds of wines produced within the region. There are four wine varieties which hunter valley shines in superiority, Semillon, Shiraz, Chardonnay and Verdelho. Each winery offers a different spin on each type of wine produced. Make sure you give yourself with plenty of time in Hunter Valley, as we suggest visiting more than one winery to give you a range of tastes.

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