Matilda Bay Brewhouse

Pokolbin, New South Wales 2320

With its sweeping scenery and charming collection of centuries-old vineyards, the Hunter Valley makes a memorable mark on Australia’s wine scene.

Tasting Paddle

But, if you’re more of a beer drinker, you’re in luck. Over the last ten years, this part of Australia has been making strides in the craft beer world, and it now has a number of traditional and contemporary brew houses dotted around the landscape.

You can still experience glimpses of the past, though, as there is a just a single glass wall that separates visitors from the original on-site Brewhouse. For those who have spent the day swilling wine around their mouths, a refreshing glass of beer is the perfect way to finish up.

Matilda Bay Brewhouse’s History

Matilda Bay is nestled right in the heart of Hunter Valley. The region was first put on the map in the 1820s when the area’s first boutique wines began. After a rough start leading to a number of unsuccessful vineyards, 500 different cuttings of European and South African vines were brought to the area to improve the drops. Leading to widespread success and growth in Hunter Valley, turning it into the best-known winery region in all of Australia.

Despite the region mostly known for its wine, the history of beer is also quite vast. One of these is the Matilda Bay Brewhouse. The venue originally started its journey as the Bluetongue Brewery back in 2001 but has since become known as the Matilda Bay Brewhouse.

How to Enjoy at the Matilda Bay Brewhouse

  • Tasting Paddle

    There are plenty of ways to enjoy the homemade beer on-site. Start by trying the Beer Tasting Paddle, where you’ll be served up a tray of 12 different and tasty brews. During the session, you’ll learn more about each and every beer, discovering the unique methods used to create them and the distinct ingredients that go into their flavours.

  • Try out the other ales’ varieties

    It’s not just beer that visitors can enjoy on site, though. The Brewhouse also makes and sells a variety of different alcoholic ginger beers, lagers, ales, stouts, and ciders. Over the years, the Matilda Bay Brewhouse has produced some of the country’s best-loved beers and ciders, with a number of speciality flavours thrown in for good measure. They’ve won awards and trophies for their unique brewing methods and distinct flavours and continue to imbue a sense of Australia’s countryside into each and every product.

  • Enjoy the Delicious on-site Restaurant


    And, if you’re feeling hungry, there is a delectable menu in the restaurant that promises a selection of treats that pair up perfectly with the beverages you’ll be knocking back. With any time of day available, with a delicious breakfast menu, and a joint lunch and dinner menu, no one will judge you here when you enjoy an early morning brew with your eggs and toast. If a beer during the AM isn’t for you, the matilda bay is also gifted in brewing coffee. With steaming espressos, chocolate flavoured coffee, or delicious lattes on offer. The breakfast menu is littered with hearty delights, including fresh grilled tomatoes, creamy scrambled eggs, and locally sourced veggies and meats. Sit outside and enjoy the cool countryside chill of the morning.

    Lunch is from 12 noon until 4pm, with dinner from 6pm until 8:30pm. Groups, couples, or families can relish in a relaxed environment either inside the comfortable indoors, under the massive sail, or in the alfresco courtyard. Enjoy a delicious larger or dark ale to go with your mouth-watering meal, all the while soaking up the lively atmosphere. If you aren’t one for crowds, you can grab some takeaway and enjoy a picnic in the nearby farm fields.

  • Smokey Sundays

    During the wintertime in Hunter Valley, the Matilda Bay Brewhouse offers visitors a unique experience. Pairing together Asian herbs, bastes, and sauces with a delicious range of slow-cooked Texan barbeque Hunter Smokehouse Cuisine. Enjoy either an 8-hour smoked shoulder of Pork, 16-hour Blackened Brisket, or even a smoked chorizo sausage. This food is perfect for a hearty lunch in the cold of winter, with the comfort food of a Smokey, eastern twist. Enjoy this delicious barbeque with the paired brews, perfectly matched with Matilda Bay Brewhouse’s delicious range of ciders, beers, and ales. The event is at 12pm-4pm each Sunday throughout Winter, from just 22 dollars per person. Visitors can either enjoy the cosy indoors or the outside environment equipped with a toasty fire pit.

  • Hermitage Road Wine Tasting Cellars

    It’s not just beer that’s on the site of Matilda Bay, but a range of other features including the Hermitage Road Cellar Door. Here visitors can try out as many premium wines as they like, which can be a bucketload including Helé Family, Lisa McGuigan, Andrew Margan, Stormy Ridge, David Hook, and Domaine de Binet. Hermitage Road strives to bring their visitors the very best wine varieties hunter valley has to offer. As well as wine, there is of course beer to try, with guests able to buy in bulk for their favourite ale. Not to mention a delightful range of cheeses, soaps, candles, and oils all made right here in Hunter Valley from the award-winning shops scattered about.

Discover the Surrounds

The Hunter Valley may well be known for its vineyards and sweeping views, but there’s so much more to it than that. The brewery scene is a fairly new step for the valley, but it’s already thriving and producing some of the best flavours in the world. Become a part of the movement by trying some of the unique flavours at the Matilda Bay Brewhouse and learning all about how the Hunter Valley has become an important part of the craft beer scene in Australia and beyond.

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