Guide to the Hunter Valley

A tranquil scenery home to lush vineyards, picturesque country roads, and a wonderland of wine and food. Hunter Valley is one of the top getaways escapes from the bustling city of Sydney, offering fine wine, gourmet restaurants, boutique beer, and an endless amount of relaxation.

Guide to the Hunter ValleyCredit: Tourism Australia

Set off to this green paradise and let your worries melt away as you enjoy a glass of wine and be amazed by the outstanding scenery.

The History of Hunter Valley

The birth of Hunter Valley’s wine reign began back in the 1820s, with only a mere 20 acres of vineyards planted by 1823. The initial vineyards struggle for success, and it wasn’t until 500 various vine cuttings were brought from Europe to be planted that the Valley started seeing success. Turning Hunter Valley into one of the most superior wine valleys in all of Australia.

The Wineries in Hunter Valley

  • Wynwood Estate

    Wynwood Estate

    Even though it is one of Hunter Valley’s newest wineries, Wynwood Estate has skyrocketed up the charts and become a tourist favourite! Instead of using an ancient recipe that many nearby wineries strictly follow, this winery has no boundaries, producing a large range of modern flavours that tempt any tastebud.

  • Waverley Estate

    Waverley Estate

    Waverley Estate is the only Aged Wine Specialist in the entire valley, guaranteed to offer a range of unique wines. The aim of this wine producer is not quantity, but rather quality showcasing only their supreme wine flavours. So far, this method has ensured a number of incredible wine awards, with their Semillon, Chardonnay, Shiraz, and Cabernet Sauvignon all highly praised.

  • Ivanhoe Wines

    Ivanhoe Wines

    Ivanhoe Wines doesn’t just offer you great wine, but a spectacular view to go with it! Nestled within 80 acres of lush greenery, visitors can stroll the incredible greenery to work up their thirst and get them to appreciate the unique Hunter Valley scenery.

  • Pepper Tree Wines

    Pepper Tree Wines

    If you prefer a drop of red wine, then Pepper Tree Wines are for you! Renowned for being the King of Red in the Hunter Valley, the winery presents award-winning wines and a five-star restaurant attached right next door, giving you perfectly paired food to go with your red!

  • Gartelmann Wines

    Gartelmann Wines

    For a more personal connection, Gartelmann Wines boutique family-owned winery is perfect. The friendly staff are very hands-on, ready to give you an in-depth experience at this hidden gem.

  • Tulloch Wines

    Tulloch Wines

    For over 122 years the Tulloch family has reign supreme when serving premium wines at the Hunter Valley region. The winery is still owned by the original family, with each generation just as passionate and dedicated to the world of wine as the next!

  • Harkham Wines

    Harkham Wines

    If you prefer the taste of natural wine, Harkham is listed as the best natural winery in Hunter Valley. Producing wine with minimal chemical and technological intervention.

  • McGuigan Wines

    McGuigan Wines

    McGuigan Wines is a top pick for wine tasting for both locals and international travellers coming to Hunter Valley, listed as the International Winemaker of the Year. The winery focus on a traditional production style to cultivate a large selection of wine types. Serving the always popular Black Label, to special varieties including the Cellar Select and Personal Reserve.

  • Savannah

    Savannah Estate

    The winery was named after the granddaughter of husband and wife duo Ian and Shirley Peterson, who are some of the top names in the winemaking industry. The Savannah Estate is just one of their winery’s but focuses’ in high-quality fruit to produce their distinct flavours and personality.

The Breweries and Dist.

  • Matilda Bay Brewhouse

    Matilda Bay Brewhouse

    If you’re sick of the endless wines, you don’t have to head back to Sydney early, rather head to the Valley’s Brewhouse for a range of delicious beers and ciders. For the past ten years, Hunter Valley has slowly made a name of themselves in the brewery world, with Matilda Bay being their number one success.  Folk can visit this brewery and enjoy a burger and chips while trying a tasting paddle of the lights too dark beers to wash it all down.

  • Hunter Distillery

    Hunter Distillery

    Prefer something even stronger? Hunter Valley Distillery offers countless top-shelf spirits. The team here only use organic ingredients sourced locally within the valley, practising traditional methods with state-of-the-art products to enhance the spirits. The distillery offers not just traditional vodkas, gins, and whisky’s, but unique flavoured spirits such as chocolate vodkas and purple gins.

The Food in Hunter Valley

  • Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop

    Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop

    It is well known that a wine’s best friend is cheese, going together perfectly to enhance both their flavours.  Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop is home to all the cheese you would ever need and want! Aiming to bring the perfect food pairing to this wine region, the shop lets visitors see the making of the cheese as well as letting you taste the end product. See the variety of hard to soft, from light to smelly flavours, even trying out the cheese tasting offered to help you pick out your favourite choices to take back home with you!

  • Hunter Valley Chocolate Company

    Hunter Valley Chocolate Company

    After savoury comes sweet, with Hunter Valley’s Chocolate Factory another popular spot! This attraction isn’t just for kids, with countless dark, milk, and white chocolates up for grabs for anyone that visits!

Outdoor Attractions

  • Hunter Valley Gardens

    Hunter Valley Gardens

    Soak up the natural beauty that is Hunter Valley at its most stunning gardens! Made up of over 14 hectares of gardens consisting of over 6000 trees, 600,000 shrubs and over 1 million ground cover plants, there are countless stunning spots to choose from. There are ten individually themed gardens, each showcasing art displays, native and exotic plants, and even the occasional waterfall. Due to its lush scenery, it is the perfect event spot, with exciting events held here throughout the year for fun-filled days and nights. Nearby, there is the Garden Terrace, which features alfresco dining overlooking the Oriental Garden. There is even a Shopping Village which offers a range of unique boutique shops and charming cafes.

  • Hunter River

    Hunter River

    Hunter River is one of the major Rivers of New South Wales, starting from the Liverpool Range all the way to the Tasman Sea at Newcastle. One of the main draws to this region is the wildlife, as Hunter River is a wonderland for river and wetland ecosystems. Over 60 different species of frog exist throughout the river, as well as a herd of fishes, turtles, and even platypuses. There are even some species that are endangered and aren’t found anywhere species that are not found anywhere else in the entire world. One of the best ways you can see this incredible wildlife spot is with a river cruise. Letting you head down this incredible river to see all the historic regions and wildlife wonders.