Guide to the Hunter Valley

The tantalising taste of Hunter Valley’s wines is something that has drawn people in from around the world for decades, just for a chance to set foot in one of the many cellar doors to experience what this valley is all about.

Hunter Valley Wine Region

The History of Hunter Valley

The birth of Hunter Valley’s vineyards began back in the 1820s. The initial vineyards struggled, and it wasn’t until 500 different vine cuttings taken from Europe were used to produce the vineyards did the valley grow. Quality increased, and the wines used their European core to produce the best wines in Australia.

Why You Should Visit Hunter Valley?

After a 2-hour drive to the north of Sydney in New South Wales, you will find yourself entering the Hunter Valley wine region. But you may feel as if you’ve just passed through the pearly gates themselves as you’re met with sights of breathtaking beauty, from the sweeping lawns of the wineries to the rolling hills coated in vineyards. There is nothing quite like the view of row after row of grapevines spread out around you as far as the eye can see through the crisp morning air of Hunter Valley.

That being said, the very first thing to do when you visit the Hunter Valley region would be to get a better view of your surroundings, and with a short drive up Pokolbin Mountain you will be standing at an incredible viewpoint where you will have a spectacular view of the entire Hunter Valley region. If this still doesn’t quench your thirst for the breathtaking views that this valley is so well-known for, then be sure to arrive before in the early hours of the morning and jump into a hot air balloon. This will take you on an ambient, yet thrilling tour of the area, with the mottled green valley spread out beneath you as the balloon above you glows with the golden light of the sunrise. There is no better way to treat your eyes to the wonders of this stunning landscape.

The Wineries in Hunter Valley

Once you’re done with treating your eyes, you can begin the main event, and treat your tastebuds to the flavourful delights of the many wineries in Australia’s oldest wine region. With over 150 cellar doors to choose from, you will have a number of chances to find out why this valley is not only Australia’s oldest, but also Australia’s very best wine region.

  • Iron Gate Estate

    Iron Gate Estate

    The winery was created by an ex-engineer who had left his past job to follow his dream of becoming a winemaker. This self-taught winemaker succeeded in the business with his precise and technical winemaking skills. The wine isn’t the only thing that’s good about this place, with the gardens and building inspired by the Mediterranean province. Enjoy the stunning summer day amidst the lush greenery and orange buildings.

  • Ernest Hill

    Ernest Hill

    This boutique winery is perfect for a quiet break away from the crowds. Nestled right on top of a small hill, the wineries are smack bang in the middle of an enchanting region. As it is a family owned winery, the staff are usually apart of the core family, with a fantastic passion that has them ramble on about every detail of the business.

  • McGuigan Wines

    McGuigan Wines

    Mcguigan Wines is one of the most popular varieties around, blending together the traditional recipe with new modern styles of winemaking. The Wineries has shot up in fame and success since its birth, winning multiple prizes including the International Winemaker of the Year award at the International Competition in London.

  • Savannah

    Savannah is good for both the wine and a view, being right at the gateway for the spectacular range of Mount View. The friendly and sweet nature of Savannah has all your troubles melt away granddaughter. It has a sweet, friendly nature that charms many visitors to its doors. As well, as they are a less known brand, their bottles are a great and unique present for your friends and family.

The Food in Hunter Valley

Wine, however, is not the valley’s only tasty item, and what better food to pair with a good wine than cheese from the Hunter Valley Cheese Factory. And for those of you with a sweet tooth, you’ll not want to miss the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company, where you can find a whole assortment of delicious treats to sink your teeth into.

  • Hunter Valley Chocolate Company

    Hunter Valley Chocolate Factory

    Indulge in the local sweets of Hunter Valley at the renowned and fabulous Hunter Valley Chocolate Company. This is both a shop and a factory, promising guests a chance to see how the professional chocolate makers create these fantastic treats. The range in flavours and varieties is so vast, you can easily get sick after trying sample after sample. After choosing your favourite chocolate delight, purchase a bag of them for your friends and family.

  • Hunter Valley Cheese Company

    The Hunter Valley Cheese Company has been a local favourite since its opening in 1995. From creamy and oozing brie to hard and bitey cheddar, this place has every cheese you can think of. It is a blend of features, including a working factory, a maturation area, a shop, a tasting room, and finally a restaurant. Here you can try a sample board of all the staff’s favourite picks of cheeses and bread, or tuck into a full meal which features a wide variety of cheese recipes.

    From the beautiful sights, to the incredible food and wine experience offered here, there’s no doubt that you’ll want to spend a night in one of the many luxurious accommodations just to enjoy one more day in paradise.

How to Get to Hunter Valley

The region is a credit card’s throw of Sydney, being perfect for a day or even weekend vacation away from the hustle and bustle of the city. If you are driving, simply head north for a few hours until you hit the lush greenery and hub of wineries. The only downfall to driving to Hunter Valley is if you are after a day hopping from one winery to the next, in which case we recommend taking along a destinated driver for the journey, as it will be hard resisting the many great drops on offer. Otherwise, taking a train might be for you! This three-hour journey lets you enjoy the scenic surrounds of the region, all the while catching up on your current book or enjoying the company of your partner or posse. If getting to one winery to the next is the issue, why not hop on a tour bus? This is by far the easiest journey, as they pick you straight up from your hotel, and drop you right back by the end of the day! Whizzing through the hillside to the best wineries Hunter Valley has to offer.

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