Savannah Estate Winery, Hunter Valley

312 Mount View Rd, Mount View, New South Wales 2325

The Hunter Valley is affectionately known as Wine Country thanks to its eclectic selection of vineyards.

Savannah Estate, NSW

Sprawling out over rolling hills, cute towns, and stunning views, the Valley is the oldest wine growing region in Australia, as is renowned for its gourmet appetite. There are fine dining restaurants, cooking schools, cultural galleries, and spas to enjoy, as well as more than 150 wine cellars just waiting to be explored.

The Savannah Estate Winery is one of these cellars. It sits pretty on the gateway to Mount View, which is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in the whole of Hunter Valley.

The History of Savannah Estate

Named after the granddaughter of Ian and Shirley Peterson, two top names in the wine making industry, the estate boasts a long line of family traditions, bringing a taste of Australia’s foodie heritage to a contemporary wine scene.

The Petersons have been making waves in the wine industry since 1982, creating delectable sparkling wines that have become well known all over the world. At the Savannah Estate, their legacy continues, staying true to the methods and techniques from the Petersons but adding a touch of modern skill to the wine making process.

How to get to Savannah Estate

Once you enter the region of Cessnock, simply follow the road named Wollombi and make a right-hand turn onto Mount View Road. After only a few minutes’ drive along the road, you hit a roundabout that you’ll head straight through until about 200 metres. Then you can curve left to stay on the Mt View road, with Savannah Estate being only a couple hundred metres from this point. Find a park and get ready for a unforgettable experience of food and wine delights.

The Wines of the Savannah Estate

Savannah Estate Wines

Savannah Estate wines are created individually from high-quality fruit grown in lush regions around Australia. Made on-site at the winery, they each boast their own distinct flavours and personality.

The Savannah Estate is well known for its sparkling offerings, with its Sparkling Brut and Sparkling Moscato varieties proving to be popular additions to the family. For white wines, there are chardonnays and semillons, and reds include Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Things to do Around the Savannah Estate Winery

As well as taking a tour of the winery itself and sampling some of the offerings, there are plenty of other things to enjoy in the scenery surrounding the Savannah Estate Winery.

  • Check out the gourmet scene

    The foodie scene in the Hunter Valley is particularly strong, with numerous high-end restaurants and local eateries to enjoy. Visit the local factories which have become famous amongst the locals and tourists, offering mouth-watering delights to all that visit. The most noteworthy include the delicious Smelly Cheese Shop, which promises an array of cheeses, from hard cheddars to oozing brie. Take some time to sample a range of cheeses, and pick your favourite to bring from, making sure it matches perfectly with your local wine of choice. If you are more of a sweet tooth, The Hunter Valley Chocolate Factory is for you! Showcasing a variety of chocolate delights, from dark to white, to creamy milk chocolate. The factory is on-site with the shop, so visitors can actually see the process of the chocolate-making first hand, all the while nibbling on the array of samples on offer. In addition, you can try your hand at cooking in one of the nearby cooking schools using fresh produce and local flavours.

  • Hit the sky in a hot air balloon

    One of the most exhilarating ways to explore the region is to hit the skies in a hot air balloon. From above, you can look down on the patchwork quilt of wineries, fields, and quaint villages.

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