Get to Know the Hunter Valley Shiraz

Get to Know the Hunter Valley Shiraz

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/07/2015

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Take a big mouthful of Hunter Valley’s favourite bold and full-bodied red!

Australia is famed for its wines and is home to thousands of wineries dotted throughout the lush greenery landscapes and bush. The Hunter Valley is one of the better-known wine regions in the country and produces litres and litres of wine every single year from a large handful of top-notch vineyards and wineries.

Situated in the beautiful scenery in New South Wales, The Hunter Valley has consistently remained an important part of Australia’s wine history. Back in the 19th Century, it was one of the first wine plantations and today boasts a range of grapes, including Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Verdelho. But perhaps the most sought after grape-variety from the region is The Hunter Valley Shiraz.

Hunter Valley Shiraz

The Hunter Valley Shiraz

The Hunter Valley is a huge player in the Shiraz world, boasting some of the oldest rooted vines in on the entire earth, some of which extend all the way back to the 19th Century. Shiraz from this region is hearty and flavoursome with a rich colour – it’s gamey, but when left to settle for 20 or so years it evolves into a silky smooth wine with earthy notes.

It’s thought to get its flavour from certain strains of yeast that the wine is exposed to in these parts of the world, though for many years it was thought that the volcanic soils that characterise the region were the reason.

The Hunter Valley Shiraz Specifics

Shiraz produced in The Hunter Valley region has a variety of different characteristics depending on its vintage and the specific location in which it was made. But, for the most part, it is an aesthetic wine with rich purple hues and a medium density.

It boasts an oaky undertone thanks to the old vines that dot the region and there are notes of concentrated fruit and vanilla that burst to the surface giving it a distinct and sweet flavour. Because of its rich, gamey taste, it is paired well with game meats like veal, as well as dark meats like duck, and a variety of rich, creamy cheeses.

The Hunter Valley wine industry is considered a booming success because of its close proximity to Sydney, though in recent years it has often been overlooked in favour of other, more thriving industries like tourism. Nevertheless, it’s clear to see that, with its historic landscape and unique vines, the wine produced there will continue to be the tipple of choice for many, including the earthy notes of The Hunter Valley Shiraz.

The Top Shiraz’ Around

Brokenwood’s Graveyard Vineyard Shiraz’

This shiraz is classified as ‘Outstanding’ by both amateurs and critics, listed in the world’s ‘Exceptional Wines’ record. A delicious drop that is soft, savoury and sumptuous!

Mount Pleasant Shiraz

Described for being plush, plummy and potent, Mount Pleasant Shiraz is so good it is known throughout the world as being a top Australian Shiraz.

Tyrrell’s Vineyards Shiraz

A smooth, soft and spicy red wine that releases aromas of dark ripe fruit and subtle vanillin oak, no matter who you feel about red wine, we guarantee you’ll enjoy a drop of this fantastic one!

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