Hunter Valley Wine Review: White Wines

Hunter Valley Wine Review: White Wines

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/23/2015

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For hundreds of years, Hunter Valley has some of the best white wines in Australia!

The Hunter Valley is the oldest and most sophisticated wine region in all of Australia. Located in New South Wales, it has been noted as the original wine region, creating a widespread production of wine to follow in the rest of the country. Even though the Barossa Valley and Margaret River wine regions produce the majority of the country’s wines, the Hunter Valley region is considered the birthplace of Australian wine. Some of the most experienced winemaking families still produce wines in the valley, creating exquisite and handcrafted perfection. Many go on to win gold medals at international wine festivals, showcasing the rare beauty of the region the grapes grow in a single bottle.

Not only are the wines from Hunter Valley considered top-notch, but the region itself is something to take note of. The vineyards, the people, and the food have kept Hunter Valley a lovely weekend getaway for locals and a must-see for wine-loving tourists for years. Despite is a small percent of wines produced compared to the other regions, the Hunter Valley is was made famous for its white wine variety.

About Hunter Valley’s White Wines

The Semillon grape helped put Hunter Valley on the wine map and has gained international exposure with winning multiple awards for best in the show. With distinct vines and the environment to grow the grape, the valley produces a unique Semillon like nowhere else in the world.

The key to the success of this wine is to pick the grapes early to sustain its delicateness and crisp, citrus-like aromas and palette. Unlike other Semillons produced around the country, the Semillon in Hunter Valley drinks fantastic both right away or aged. One of the rarest grapes in the world, Semillon is perfected in the Hunter Valley with over 180 years of the grape being grown and harvested.

Another big shot wine in the area is the Hunter Valley Chardonnay. This wine wasn’t introduced to the region until the 1960s, making it the new kid in the neighbourhood, compared to the other grapes. Like the Semillon, Chardonnay reflects the environment in which it is grown and the beginning of a new wine in Australia. Chardonnay was granted its first label in this region, before it became a country-wide grown grape. With characteristics that tease the palette, the Hunter Valley Chardonnay has become a favourite for all those who taste it.

  • Tyrrell’s Semillon

    Recognised as Australia’s best Semillon, Tyrrell’s secret is that this particular wine grape grows on vines planted in 1923. Making the taste extraordinary and an aristocratic classic.

  • Lakes Folly Chardonnay

    Lakes Folly is known for being the country’s very first boutique winery, producing limited quantities at the very best quality-which includes this marvellous Chardonnay that presents a elegant, complex drop!

  • Andrew Thomas Wines Braemore Semillon

    This unwooded style Semillon offers a fresh, vibrant citrus flavour, reminding folk of the summer, sunshine!

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