Hunter Valley Chocolate Company

Pokolbin, New South Wales 2320

Known for its forays into the wine world and its abundance of seasonal produce, the Hunter Valley is the perfect place to give your tastebuds a treat.

Hunter Valley Chocolate Company

As well as sprawling wineries and farms bursting with local goods, there is the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company, one of the most popular hotspots for those with a serious sweet tooth.

Now one of the must-visit attractions in the Hunter Valley, the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company promises visitors the chance to try some of the delicious flavours made on-site and to learn more about the fascinating chocolate making process in the region. Started almost two decades ago, it has grown since its conception and know includes the shopping outlet known countrywide as Twenty-3-Twenty.

Here, visitors are able to look over the shoulders of the chocolatiers and fudge-makers while they work their magic with an exceptional array of mouth-watering ingredients. With the help of a large viewing window, it essentially gives you the chance to head backstage and see what happens behind-the-scenes.

The Hunter Valley Chocolate Company now has a name for itself as one of the best places for producing high-quality chocolates and is making waves in the chocolatier world. Over the years, it has brought together thousands and thousands of chocolate lovers who ventured there to learn all about the chocolate making process and have a sweet treat or two in the process.

How they make the Chocolate

How is it turned from bean to bar? The process of chocolate making is a necessary chore in today’s society, with this mouth-watering treat in demand all over the world. Factories churn out thousands of chocolate goodies daily, with big name brands competing to create the bestselling item. However, in hunter valley, the chocolate making is all about quality not quantity. Bringing innovation into the mix and assembling a legion of chocolate aficionados from around the world.

The first step in making the chocolate is finding the right beans to create with. With can change depending on the type of chocolate the masters want to make, but them always being a form of cacao beans.

Once harvesting, they begin roasting the beans, anywhere between 10 to 35 minutes. Even though it may not seem important, the length of roasting can change the taste and texture of the chocolate dramatically.

Next is the refining process, which is two separate steps. The first is the grinding method, which involves the beans to be cracked first, before being past through the crushing machine.

For the second step, a roll refiner or ball mill will be used, reducing the particle size of the cocoa, and creating a smoother texture. The adding of other ingredients including sugar, milk powder and cocoa butter.

The rolling process is next on the recipe list, which melts and distributes the cocoa butter evenly throughout the mass. As well as adding the particular flavour to the chocolate. With different amounts of cocoa added or removed to the mass. This can change what the type of chocolate it is, such as dark or milk chocolate, with flavours like spices, mint, and other variations creating the unique varieties. The formula of this method changes frequently, and results in the hundreds if not thousands of chocolate flavours we have today.

After this, the forming of the cholate form takes place, pouring the liquid into moulds such as chocolate blocks, bars, or interesting shapes and styles.

Hunter Valley’s Best Chocolate Choices

  • Dark Chocolate

    Although the kids might not enjoy this variety offered, Hunter Valley excels in their Dark Chocolate. With their classic Belgium styled chocolate buttons, to their plain blocks of rich chocolate, Hunter Valley creates a smooth and delightful taste for those who prefer the bitter taste of dark.

  • White Chocolate

    White chocolate isn’t usually at the top of the favourite’s list, but this variety melts on the tongue to delight visitors in its unique and pure white taste. The Chocolate Couverture Buttons offered can be used for fondues, cooking, or of course eating. With a lot of varieties blending together the milk and dark chocolate a unique blend of flavours.

  • Chili Chocolate

    Yes, even the Hunter Valley chocolate masters get sick of the same old plain chocolate blocks from time to time. Liking to spice up their menu with unique and extreme flavours. Which has led to the chilli chocolate, combining the dark Belgian chocolate couverture with a range of chili specks.

Attractions at the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company

  • See the Chocolatiers in Action

    Chocolate Making

    The main attraction at the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company is watching the chocolate being made. Here, the world-class chocolatiers work their magic on the incredible ingredients, guiding visitors through the tasty and refined process. Visitors can be guided through the steps firsthand, strolling past the forming chocolate and marvelling at the complex processes.

  • Try Some Chocolate

    Perhaps the best part of the experience is trying some of the chocolate that’s produced on-site. Once visitors have witnessed the chocolatiers in action, they can try some of the tasty stuff themselves. The on-site store has a range of goodies to choose from, so nibble on a variety or dark, white, or milk chocolate. After a couple rounds of each sample, work out your favourite flavour and grab a couple bags to take home for your friends, family, or just for yourself.

  • Enjoy the Café

    One of the biggest draws of the Hunter Valley is its incredible scenery. It’s made up of soaring hills, picturesque wineries, and charming little towns, all of which can be seen from the on-site café. Kick back and relax with a hot drink while gazing out at some breath-taking scenes. After this, you can enjoy a relaxing walk around the area, breathing in the fresh country air and marvelling at the stunning greenery.

Have a sweet tooth? If the answer is yes, then the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company should be at the top of your itinerary.

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