Wynwood Estate, Hunter Valley

310 Oakey Creek Rd, Pokolbin, New South Wales 2320

The Hunter Valley lies in New South Wales on the east coast of Australia and is home to the country’s most luscious and bountiful wineries.

Wynwood Estate

From the Semillon grape planted in the loose sandy terrain to the Shiraz grape planted in the black, silty loam, this area has such an immense soil diversity that it is able to provide the perfect terrain for a wide variety of grapes to be grown and harvested. With over 150 different vineyards, there is no doubt that this is one of Australia’s most productive wine regions.

How Wynwood Estate Began

Though many of the wine labels in the area have been running since the early 18th century, Hunter Valley has a new label by the name of Wynwood Estate. While it may be a new label, it is making use of some of the region’s oldest and most flavourful grapevines to produce bottles of award-winning wine. Wynwood Estate offers a comprehensive collection of premium-quality wines for you to taste, and with luxury and class exuding from every bottle, this delectable wine tasting experience is the perfect way to treat yourself.

Where is the Wynwood Estate Located

Located in the very heart of Hunter Valley; Pokolbin! Labelled the wine capital of the region, Pokolbin has the highest concentration of the wineries and restaurants in all of Hunter Valley. Nestled only a couple hours from the city centre of Sydney, visitors can take a car, train, or tour bus into the region, experiencing the best of the best right by their accommodation. Wynwood Estate is located on the Oakey Creek Road, guaranteeing visitors epic views of the lush greenery and the nearby lakes and creeks.

Wynwood Estate’s Goal

Wynwood Estate has a team of accredited professionals who have shared a passion for wine over generations. The resident vineyard manager comes from a long line of vignerons, and with his extensive experience, he ensures that every grape is up to standard. The resident winemaker has specialised in Wine Sciences and he makes sure that every bottle is filled with the elegant, well-balanced flavour of Wynwood Estate’s wines. You will be able to learn and discuss the origins of each wine with them as you taste, enhancing your experience and giving you a deeper understanding of the subtle art of wine tasting.

The Variety of Wines at Wynwood Estate

  • Grey Gum Range

    For an easy and refreshing drink, the Grey Gum range is for you! It is light, zesty, and fruity drop, with both white and red varieties available. This style of wine is perfect for a range of different foods and occasions, providing a delicious finish to wash down your cuisine of choice.

  • Blossom Range

    This range is perfect for the summertime! All things flowery, the blossom wines include a range of fruit flavours in each drop! From lime Verdelho, to lemon Semillon, and to even a cheery blossom Moscato, those looking for a sweet take to wine will immensely enjoy these drops.

  • Fortified

    Wynwood estate brings a rich taste of raisin fruit into their fortified wines. With a Semillon, Chardonnay, and Shiraz, the wines create a luscious full palate with a subtle aftertaste. Enjoy these drops at the coming end to the night, perfect for cleansing your pallet after a meal.

Why it is Worth the Visit Wynwood Estate

  • It is Spectacularly Pretty

    Since the grounds are so spectacularly beautiful, many couples are seeking this place out as a venue for their wedding photography, which is a true testament to the picturesque scenery of Wynwood Estate and the surrounding Hunter Valley. With its large cellar door space, and two wine tasting rooms you will have the chance to sit and enjoy the ambient atmosphere of Wynwood Estate while you fill your mouth with the flavour of the wine.

  • It has Won Awards

    Despite it being the last winery to enter the region, Wynwood Estate has made a big splash early in its career. Winning bucketload of awards throughout its time amount the lush greenery. The most recent include its Forbes NSW Small Winemakers Show Award, which won the ‘Trophy & Gold for Best Dry Red, with their drop of the 2014 Wynwood Grey Gum Durif’. Other awards in the James Halliday Wine Companion, with both 4 stars and 3.5-star awards. And lastly, at the latest Hunter Valley Boutique Wine Show, Wynwood Estate was awarded the trophy for ‘Best Current Vintage Semillon 2013 Grey Gum Semillon.’

  • Its Lavish Cellar Door

    Wynwood Estate Cellar Door

    No visit to this exceptional winery is complete without a visit to the astounding Cellar Door. If you are unsure about what a cellar door actually is, it is essentially a place where you can meet the professional winemakers and drink the local drops. Cellar Doors were originally large underground storing facilities, where the large barrels occupied the cool climate. Back in the day, clients used to knock on these storage doors, requesting to purchase the wine without having to go through the shop. Slowly, it grew in popularity until nowadays, a cellar door is completely designed for visitors. Acting as a display venue to showcase the wine. Some of the wine sold within the cellar door isn’t even sold anywhere else, giving guests a completely unique experience rather than simply purchasing at the nearby bottle shop. Wynwood Estate’s cellar door is no different! With the professional team detailing the tastes and aromas of each wine, all the while giving visitors a background of its development and winemaking process. Letting guests sit back and relax while they try the wide selection of white, red, and pinks offered. Attached to the cellar door is the gift shop, where visitors can buy their favourite drink of choice!

So whether you enjoy a full-bodied red wine, a soft and dry white wine, or anything in between, Wynwood Estate will ensure that you walk away with the truly sensational experience of wine tasting.

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