Annual Hunter Valley Weather overview

The Hunter Valley hosts a moderate climate that is on par with the weather in the Mediterranean. Summers are warm, with average temperatures resting at around 21°C, whilst in winter temperatures can plummet to around 4°C, especially at night. For sun-seekers, January is the best time to visit, whilst July, the coolest month, offers some chilly respite from the hot Australian sun. The rainy season falls during the summer months, but there are often showers either side of winter. On average, around 750mm of rain falls throughout the year.

  • Summer in Hunter Valley

    Summer takes place between December and February and is famously warm in Hunter Valley, bringing in millions of tourists in search of sun and beautiful views. However, there can be a slew of thunderstorms dotted throughout the season that bring cooler temperatures and rainfall with them. If you’re visiting at this time of year, be sure to pack a cardigan or two for the evenings, when the sea breeze brings lower temperatures after dark.

    At the end of January, harvest season begins in the valley, making it the perfect time to visit to get a little closer to the local traditions and culture.

  • Autumn in Hunter Valley

    Autumn in Hunter Valley is a flurry of oranges and yellows, bringing crisp colours to the lush green of the summer scenery. Between March and May, you can expect to enjoy pleasant temperatures of around 23°C in the coastal areas of the valley, and a warmer 25°C inland. The evenings in autumn tend to have a slight chill in the air, so it’s worth packing an extra layer or two for after dark, especially if you want to enjoy the great range of events and festivals that take place during this time of year.

  • Winter in Hunter Valley

    Wine Country in winter is absolutely beautiful, boasting clear blue skies and extremely mild temperatures. By day, you can expect to bask in temperatures around 18°C, and by night you can snuggle up to cosy fires and warm up with hearty local food. The scenery really stands out at this time of year, with sharp shapes and exquisite colours.

  • Spring in Hunter Valley

    Perhaps the best time of year to visit Hunter Valley, spring brings with it a picturesque backdrop of pastel colours and blue skies. The vineyards start to come to life and the many gardens in the region all burst into bloom. Along the coastline, temperatures can soar to 25°C, whilst inland the mercury can rise even higher to 27°C and above.

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