Are Hunter Valley wineries open on week days?

Are Hunter Valley wineries open on week days?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/18/2023

Reading time: 2 mins

Spend an afternoon tasting a variety of different wines at local wineries.

Going to wineries can be a lot of fun, you’re tasting amazing wines while looking over the vineyards, and you learn about how the wines are produced.

Whether it’s your first time going to wineries, or you’ve been to a few before, it’s a really fun experience to find your new favourite wine.

If you’re unsure about winery etiquette, these tips will help you discover new and interesting flavours of the wines.

1. Taste

It’s always tempting when you get the wine, whether it’s a full class or a small amount during a wine tasting, you’ll want to do a large gulp. Instead, take it easy and just do a small sip for your first taste.

But before you swallow or spit out the wine, check out what to do next after the sip!

2. Swirl

When you’ve taken a sip, let the wine sit in your mouth and swirl it around a bit. This gives you a good indication of how the wine feels, the texture, and of course a better taste of it.

Swirling the wine around will give you a better experience and palate of the wine so you’re not missing out on a hidden flavour.

3. Observe

After you swallow the wine or spit it out, try to observe the taste of the wine and what lingers in your mouth.

Red wine usually has deeper and darker fruit flavours and earthy characteristics. Most red wines are rich and powerful for the full bodied reds, while the light bodied reds might be better for those trying red wine for the first time.

White wine will have citrus flavours with stone fruits, and even has a slight smell of floral.

Go test out your three useful tips on winery etiquette when you next visit a winery through Hunter Valley. You can check out a winery tour and taste the amazing flavours that are produced from the Hunter Valley wine region.

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