How long is the Hunter Valley from Sydney?

How long is the Hunter Valley from Sydney?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/30/2021

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Ahh, the Hunter Valley, one of Australia’s most revered wine regions and a seriously beautiful place to boot. The Hunter is renowned for producing some of Australia’s – and the world’s – finest Semillon and Shiraz, with legendary names like Brokenwood Wines, Briar Ridge and Krinklewood all producing delightful vintages on their gorgeous wineries!

The Hunter Valley is a cheeky three hour drive from Sydney, making it a favourite for excitable Sydneysiders to jump in a party bus and make their way from vineyard to vineyard, merrily sipping on the fine vintages along the way.

Don’t miss these world class wineries when you get there:

Krinklewood Vineyard

Krinklewood Vineyard might just take the prize for the most charming place to sip vino in the Hunter Valley, with a rustic French provencal setting offering up incredibly palatable biodynamic and organic wines.

McGuigan Wines

What can be said about McGuigan Wines that isn’t already etched into Aussie winemaking lore? Well, for those who aren’t aware of this legendary producer, McGuigan has won the International Wine and Spirits Competition’s “International Wine Maker of the Year” award four times this century, making it a pretty big deal on the global wine circuit.

What’s more, a visit to McGuigan is simply sublime, with seasoned experts talking you through their wondrous Semillon, Shiraz and Merlot as you enjoy these world leading drops.

Gartelmann Wines

Gartelmann Wines may be a smaller Hunter Valley producer, but it has a big heart and a fabulous selection of quality vino. This family-owned and operated winery always produces a memorable experience, with the delightful Jan and Jorg Gartelmann talking you through their fantastic varieties and what makes them so special to all who enjoy them.

Iron Gate Estate

First thing’s first: Iron Gate Estate is a drop dead gorgeous place to enjoy a glass of wine, with an elegant cellar door located on an expansive property that has even recently been renovated to invigorate it all the more.

This Spanish-style villa boasts expansive views across the Hunter region and is just a simple joy to behold, especially when you’re downing some of the estate’s top vintages…

Savannah Estate

Savannah Estate is another wonderful place that is revered for its Chardonnay, Semillon and Shiraz. Not only this, but Savannah Estate offers up a pretty scrumptious cheese pairing to enjoy with their wines – c’est magnifique!

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