How much are wine tours in the Hunter Valley?

How much are wine tours in the Hunter Valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/17/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

The Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s most revered wine regions, producing some of the world’s most sought-after Chardonnay, Semillon and Verdelho. Not only is its wine fantastic, but the region itself is incredibly beautiful, with rolling vineyards of vibrant hues dotting the landscape!

The combination of fine wine and a stunning backdrop can only really mean one thing: wine tours. Yes, the Hunter Valley is the perfect place for you and your mates to hop aboard a tour, try a Chardonnay or seven before heading back to town or staying overnight at one of the region’s gorgeous accommodations.

You have a range of pricing options for Hunter Valley wine tours, which include the following:

Hunter Valley Wine Tour

Price: $85

This fabulous one-day tour provides the region’s ultimate wine, beer and produce. Take your time to wander the fertile vineyards and rolling hills as you sip on Hunter Valley’s most famous product – fine wine!

This tour departs directly from the Hunter Valley and is ideal for anyone on a weekend getaway in the Valley. You’ll visit the region’s top wineries, learning about their processes and, naturally, having a sip or two of their product…

One Day Hunter Valley Tour

Price: $175

This fun-filled one-day tour is the ultimate Hunter Valley wine-tasting experience! Visiting three of the Hunter’s most renowned wineries, you will enjoy their top vintages whilst pairing them with sumptuous local produce.

Leaving from Sydney, you will whisked away from the city’s hustle into the wonderfully tranquil Hunter, where all the delights of the region await your senses and your palate. What makes this experience even better is that you might even get to partake in the winemaking yourself because, let’s be honest, who hasn’t thought of what that might be like?

Hunter Valley Wine & Foodie Experience

This is the ultimate bon-vivant’s tour as it allows you to enjoy 20 of the Hunter Valley’s best wine tastings! Not only that, but you will indulge in a delightful cafe lunch as well as some of the best cheese tasting this gourmand’s paradise has to offer.

You will be taken to the Hunter Valley’s ultimate cellar door experiences, where fine wine and delightful food pairings are just the beginning, and where you can learn all about the processes that make Hunter Valley wine so beloved around the world!

So, take your pick – but they all sound pretty good, don’t they?

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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