How much wine do you get at wine tasting?

How much wine do you get at wine tasting?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/12/2021

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Australia is a land of fine wine, from the Barossa’s Shiraz to the Yarra’s Chardonnay, up to the Hunter and its revered Semillon, you can always duck out of town, head to the hills and find yourself a new favourite bottle of delightful vino!

Wine Tasting

What’s more, Australians are people who like to make a day out of wine tasting, turning what could otherwise be rather official business into something fun and frivolous.

Our cellar doors are always full of wine lovers and everyday revellers, tasting fine vintages from some of the world’s most famous producers, eager to take home a case or at least a special memory from their time on tasting tour.

So, how much wine do you actually get at a wine tasting? Well, each glass poured is typically around half of what you would get at the local pub, with winemakers pouring roughly two or three ounces (75-90ml) per glass.

Tasting times are varied and limited so a winery may choose to offer around eight to 10 wines or even a little more if time allows, but one thing’s for sure, you can expect to enjoy some wonderful tastings in these fabulously fertile parts of Australia…

The Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley has long been renowned as Australia’s fine wine and top produce epicentre, with legendary names like Peter Lehmann, Yalumbra and Maggie Beer all producing delectable vino and sumptuous food right within this marvellously beautiful valley.

What’s more, the Barossa is the quintessential gourmand getaway, with each one of the above producers – and a great abundance more – offering amazing wine and food tasting experiences.

Be sure to head to one or both of Barossa’s farmers markets, where amazing food and a few bottles of world class wine await in elegant surroundings.

The Yarra Valley

One of the things that makes the Yarra Valley so special is its close proximity to Melbourne, located just a short drive from the city centre! The valley itself is absolutely gorgeous, with rolling hills and lush forests, but the wineries and their establishments are on a whole other level of refined.

The Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley proudly hosts legendary Aussie producers like Brokenwood Wines, Audrey Wilkinson Winery and the ever-delightful Krinklewood Biodynamic Vineyard (set against rustic French gardens).

A visit to the Hunter is always a joy for the senses and, of course, the palate.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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