See Hunter Valley’s Christmas Lights Spectacular

See Hunter Valley’s Christmas Lights Spectacular

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 11/19/2019

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Get in the Christmas spirit when visiting this magnificent festival!

The Hunter Valley is predominantly known for its long list of award-winning wineries and restaurants. But held throughout the year is the occasional festival well worth the spot in between vineyards! At Christmas time, the Hunter Valley’s Christmas Lights Spectacular is your greatest option! Listed as the largest lights display in the Southern Hemisphere! Hunter Valley’s Light’s Spectacular is a magical event aimed at spreading the joy to both locals and tourists alike. Held at the Hunter Valley Gardens, hosting a series of light-themed displays from the 8th of November to the 26th of January. Check out why this light extravaganza is worth your time!

What’s on Offer

  • White Christmas

    You don’t need to travel all across the globe to enjoy a white Christmas, as HUnter Valley has you covered! Enjoy a full display of Christmas celebration with the White Christmas scene aimed at spreading holiday magic both families and friends. The display features a snow cave and white-topped trees, with illuminated polar bears, penguins and sleigh dogs scattered about.

  • Lover’s Corner

    Couples gather at this picture-perfect attraction, aimed at bringing the loved up closer during the holidays! Guests can stroll through the large light heart tunnel, enjoying a kiss under the nearby mistletoe, or snap a shot at the Big Red love seat. There are even proposal packages available for those really wanting to enjoy the love scene, for a magical experience you won’t likely to forget anytime soon.

  • The Giant Castle

    Be amazed by the twinkly lights of this 5-metre-high and 15-metre-wide castle. Featuring an indoor tunnel, guests and immerse themselves in light, enjoy the magical orange and red glow!
    Santa’s Enchanting Workshop

    Visit the real Santa Claus at his workshop! This traditional Christmas Workshop is flanked by magical decorations, real-life elves, and the nearby North Pole. Kids even get to write a letter to Santa about what they truly want for Christmas!

  • Rides

    Regardless of your age, the child in you will come out with the multitude of inflatable zones, jumping castles and thrill-seeking rides. Enjoy a romantic trip up the Ferris Wheel, ride around the colourful Venetian Carousel, and scream your guts out at the 35 metre Super slide.

  • Food and Drinks

    Refuel during the night with delicious food and beverage stalls scattered about the gardens. Including quick eat hot dogs and soft drinks, or even a couple gourmet fast food options are hidden about.

  • Special Events

    As the spectacular light display is held for over a month, there are special events showcased to keep it interesting for guests. Up until Christmas eve, Santa Claus himself appears in the Gardens, with photo opportunities available at his workshop. Carollers also roam the area until Boxing day time, bringing the holiday cheer into every nook and cranny of the Gardens. If you are visiting after Christmas time, try head here for New Years, as the large firework display is sure to satisfy you!

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