What is the oldest wine region in Australia?

What is the oldest wine region in Australia?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/06/2022

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Australia is a champion of the vino-connoisseur category known as “New World wine”: wines produced outside of ancient regions in Europe and the Middle East.

Yes, from the Barossa to the Yarra Valley, the Hunter to Margaret River, Australia’s wide and fertile land is ideal for producing some of the world’s most palatable – and collectible – vintages!

None have been producing quality wine longer than that of the Hunter Valley – Australia’s oldest wine region. World class wine has been produced in the gorgeous Hunter ever since old George Wyndham arrived there in 1827 and set up a vineyard around his home.

Today, the Hunter Valley is one of the world’s most famous wine regions, not only because it produces some of the world’s most desired vino, but also for its lush beauty and ample adventure for connoisseurs and weekenders alike to enjoy!

Let’s take a look at some of those memorable (and a little… hazy) experiences below:

The Hunter Valley Garden Village

The Hunter Valley Gardens and their adjoining shopping village is the centre of Hunter Valley excitement, with a lush botanical garden, high-end stores, day spas, spirit distilleries and some of the region’s top cellar doors all within walking distance of one another!

This pretty much makes for an awesome day on its own, as you can spend the morning traversing the gardens before heading over to the likes of Brokenwood and McGuigan (one of the world’s most decorated wineries) cellar door experiences with a little shopping in between…

The Hunter Valley Chocolate Company

Anywhere there is fine wine there is bound to be at least one luxe chocolatier, right? After all, choccy and wine were made to be together, and so why not pick up some oozy-good confectionery to go with your vino from the legends at the Hunter Valley Chocolate Company?

Not only can you pick up some of their lush delights, but you can also take tours to see just how this fabulous confectioner makes their delightful goodies, something that makes them so much more delicious when you’re enjoying them with a glass of fine Pinot noir…

The Hunter Distillery

The Hunter Valley Distillery is famous for producing some of Australia’s best gin and vodka, and you can head to the distillery to sample some for yourself before taking a bottle with you and producing some top quality cocktails!

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