What is there to do in Hunter Valley in December?

What is there to do in Hunter Valley in December?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/19/2022

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The Hunter Valley is one of the major wine regions in Australia. There is great wine, food and many fun experiences to do in December.

As the festive season approaches, it’s a great time for a quick trip to the Hunter Valley. With several public holidays, it’s always a bit unclear what is open in December. Luckily most wineries, breweries and restaurants are open throughout December. There are a couple of places which close earlier, but most are open for customers. All places are closed Christmas Day, with most closed on Boxing Day and a few more opening coming up to the new year. Be sure to double check what is open on the days you visit Hunter Valley.


With the Hunter Valley being one of the main wine regions in Australia, it’s a given that wineries would be open in December. You can visit one of the 150 wineries in the region to try some of their award-winning wines. And why not buying a couple of bottles too. You can organise your own private tour with family and friends. Or, if you are travelling in a smaller group, you can join a guided winery tour.

Live music

There is a lot of live music happening in Hunter Valley across December. Most gigs happen every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights. Check out and support some local talent at one of the many venues across Hunter Valley.

Christmas Lights Spectacular

Hunter Valley Gardens annual Christmas lights are back in town! Head down to the gardens to see some of the fantastic Christmas lights. There is a 14 metre Christmas tree, 8 metre tall present stack and many more. Aside from the three million lights, there are amusement rides, entertainment, food and drinks. Tickets are available to buy here.


Prefer beer over wine? Hunter Valley has a selection of breweries crafting award-winning beers. You can try out their core beers, seasonal releases and even do beer tasting. Fancy making a day out of trying new beers? Why not organize a private tour to learn about how these breweries source and create their unique beers.


Hunter Valley offers some of the best award-winning gins, vodkas and liqueurs. Visit a Hunter Valley distillery to try their locally crafted spirits and cocktails. When trying their drinks you learn about the spirit-distilling process. Most distilleries will share how they makes their products unique.

Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop

The Smelly Cheese Shop was established in 2004. The shop has some of the finest local, Australian and imported cheese. The shop has the only Fromageries in the Hunter Valley, so it’s a must see just to walk into their cheese rooms. They offer various platters such as cheese, antipasto and sandwiches. Don’t forget to try their famous house made baked cheesecake!

Hunter Valley Chocolate Company

The Hunter Valley Chocolate Company is one of the top attractions in Hunter Valley. They have some of the finest Belgian couverture chocolates to try. Discover how the chocolate is made by visiting the Twenty-3-Twenty Café. From here you can watch the chocolatier and fudge maker prepare the delicious sweets. Try some of their cake and dessert options like their Italian handmade gelato!

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