What should I wear to the Hunter Valley?

What should I wear to the Hunter Valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/25/2022

Reading time: 3 mins

The Hunter Valley, as well as being one of Australia’s top wine regions, is also spectacularly beautiful, with charming scenery that is perfect for enjoying after you’ve had a cheeky tipple at one of the region’s world class wineries!

For this very reason, it is a good idea to pack more than just your finest wine hopping wear, considering packing some comfortable shoes and clothing for when you find yourself hiking through rugged bushland or on board a magical hot air balloon ride!

Of course, you may just be going there to check out the likes of Brokenwood, Krinklewood, Tyrrell’s and Winmark Wines (among others), but you never know when that mate of yours who doesn’t experience hangovers will force you to go do something other than sip fine wine in lush surroundings – so we recommend packing for it…

Either way, your amazing Hunter Valley sojourn is sure to be filled with these awesome activities:

Wineries (duh)

It’s safe to say that alongside the Barossa Valley the Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s top wine regions, boasting some of the most fertile land and top wineries that have taken the viticulture world by storm!

With the likes of the aforementioned wineries, as well as legendary names like McGuigan serving up their world-beating samples alongside sumptuous local foodie delights, the Hunter Valley is a place that never fails to delight the palate whether you enjoy a tipple or just a tasty feed…

Hunter Valley Gardens

There is no better place in the world to hang out after a a big day on the vino than in a tranquil garden’s lush surrounds, and the Hunter Valley Gardens is a truly special one.

With a vibrant rose garden, Italian grotto, sunken garden, formal garden and more, you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding on a place to sit down, have some local food and enjoy some rest and relaxation after a big winery eve.

HV Chocolate Company

Anywhere there is fine wine there is fine food bound to follow, and the HV Chocolate Company is a real winner. Producing boutique Belgian chocolate and oozy-delicious fudge on-site, the HV Chocolate Company is the place to be for lovers of all things sweet, buttery, creamy and all-round addictive!

It’s the perfect way to top off a truly blissful time in the Hunter Valley…

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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