What to do in Hunter Valley at night?

Don’t just head back to the city after the sunsets in the Hunter Valley, as the region comes alive at night with a wonderous display of activities!

If you are planning for a weekend away, there is no better place than the Hunter Valley. Filled with wondrous activities that aren’t just for the daytime! here is our list of activities for when the sun goes down. But many visitors simply spend their day sightseeing, either heading back to the city or their accommodation after dark. Leading them to miss out on a number of wonderous activities available when the stars alight! Here is our list of activities for you to partake in when the sun goes down!

  • Sip on Countless wines at your Winery of choice!

    No trip to the Hunter Valley is complete without a visit to one of its glorious wineries. Scattered about the lush region ranging from world-known brands to small family boutiques. Most travellers plan an entire day hopping from one to the next, but typically stop after a large amount of them shut for the day. But in Hunter Valley, many wineries stay open well into the night, offering glass after glass of red, white, and sparkling! Even if the winery itself has closed after 5 pm, there is a good chance its restaurant (which serves all their wine) is still open.

  • Taste a number of unique Brews

    If you are getting sick of wine, Hunter Valley offers you a couple of alternatives. Kick back and watch the sunset as you sip on a cold beer at Matilda Bay Brewhouse, enjoying a delicious burger and chips while you are at it.

  • Thrill your Tastebuds at a number of Restaurants

    Hunter Valley is well-known for its exceptional restaurants that go in pair with the region’s winieries! Majority of the restaurants only use locally grown produce, creating vast range of unique cuisines that match perfectly with the local wine. As they only use local produce, the menu is everchanging, adjusting to the seasons. Letting you go back, again and again, to try out the new recipes and trying the wines which match them. Noteworthy restaurants to choose from including Sabor in the Hunter, San Martino Italian Bites, and Spicers Vineyards Estate – Botanica Restaurant.

  • Attend Hunter Valley Gardens Events

    The lush gardens span 60 acres across Hunter Valley, featuring shops, cafes, unique plants, picnic spots, and more! Many travellers stop into this unique attraction, strolling through the gardens to soak up the stunning natural beauty. However, the Hunter Valley’s Gardens can come to life during a occasional night time, with their after dark events fun-filled and perfect for all ages. The Christmas Lights Spectacular is held during December and offers exceptional Christmas lights illuminating the epic gardens brilliantly. The New Years Eve event also offers a fun-filled night adventure with light up rides, carnival stalls, and a stack of delicious food. The Carnical of Colour brings the party to the gardens, with three spectacular events held both in the day and night!

  • Enjoy Your Overnight Accommodation in Hunter Valley

    Hunter Valley’s accommodation is not just a room but offers a range of extra activities and attractions for your stay. There are many places to choose from, but Cypress Lakes Resort is a noteworthy spot. With a golf course, restaurant, bar, pool, and numerous events held there, you will find it hard to even leave the resort with all these happenings. Even strolling through the lush surrounding countryside is a perfect way to end a romantic night.

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