Why is Hunter Valley good for wine?

Why is Hunter Valley good for wine?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/03/2023

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Hunter Valley is one of the best wine regions in New South Wales.

There is a lot of thought that goes into having good wine! The most important is the region and where the grapes are grown. Hunter Valley’s climate is one of the warmer wine regions. But there is enough cloud and some breeze from the ocean to keep the area cool. The warmer climate and the cool breeze are perfect for the grapes to grow. Hunter Valley makes some of the best Semillon wine which is a white wine.

Soil type

The winemakers always think about the soil type and fertility of their vineyards. The different types of soil can make different grape varieties.


The climate is also extremely important for wines as it will produce different types of grapes. The cooler climates can make crisp and lighter wines and warmer climates make bolder and fruity-flavoured wines.


Like the climate, weather, especially unpredicted weather can really change the taste of the wine. Sometimes rain can damage the grapes and if there’s too much sun, it’ll overripe the grapes. Unpredictable rain or more sun can really change the grapes drastically.


Winemakers also think about water drainage. The grapevines need water but are often ripe best when the water is within reach and not drowned.

The Garden Cellars

The Garden Cellars is one of the oldest cellar doors in Hunter Valley. Besides wines, Garden Cellars produce beer and spirits. One of the winery’s most popular red wines is the Polin & Polin 23 Sovereigns Shiraz 2020. This red is a special one as the fruits in Hunter Valley got damaged from the bushfires. This Shiraz is on the sweeter side from red fruits and plumbs and has a silky palate.

Tempus Two

Tempus Two is one of the most popular wineries in Hunter Valley. Tempus Two is sold across the world and they source their fruits globally. There is a range of different wine tasting experiences you can get when at the cellar door. They now also offer a gin tasting! Tempus Two has many different types of whites and reds to try. A favourite is the 2022 Tempus Two Copper Semillon. This white wine has tastes of lime, citrus, and some floral undertones.

There is a lot to think about that goes into our favourite wines! We’re lucky enough to be able to try and buy delicious wines while the winemakers put in the hard work.

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