Picnic in the Hunter Valley

The Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s most revered wine regions, with taste-tantalising Semillon, Riesling and White Burgundy just some of the famous variations to come out of the area.

Naturally, anywhere there is fine wine there are some pretty gorgeous spots to picnic, and the Hunter Valley is simply no exception!

So, pick up a bottle of fine Semillon, grab some local bread, cheese and prosciutto, because we’re heading to the Hunter Valley’s most enchanting picnic spots:

One of the many wineries

Many of the Valley’s wineries have lush picnic spots that are ideal for enjoying a local grazing board and some of the winery’s top vintages. Greenway Wines, Hollydene Wines and Stomp! Wines all provide wonderful wine and picnic experiences, allowing you to enjoy the very best produce and vino this most fertile region has to offer…

The Hunter Valley Gardens

The Hunter Valley is known for sublime spaces, and perhaps none are more magical than the Hunter Valley Gardens. Designed to be enjoyed by all, you will find some of the valley’s most vibrant surroundings in this stunning little park, with some fantastic places to roll out the rug and have a bite to eat, too!

The Hunter Valley Gardens has a dedicated picnic spot complete with sheltered areas and barbecues (just in case you’ve brought something a bit more than a snack along!).

Werakata National Park

People often don’t realise that the Hunter Valley isn’t just for wineries – it is also home to some pretty immaculate national parks, too. One of such is the wonderful Werakata National Park, a place where grassy spots and shading trees are an absolute given.

You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picnic spots – the national park is full of them! And whilst the park is a fantastic place for an afternoon feed, it is also pretty special to check out itself.

There are giant ironbark trees, red gum forests and heaps of beautiful shrubbery, all combining to make your picnic at the Werakata National Park an unforgettable experience.

Mount Bright Lookout

The Hunter Valley is full of amazing views over fertile land and rolling hills, with Mount Bright Lookout’s amazing vistas the pick of the bunch. Take your hamper up to this wondrous peak, where you can enjoy views that expand across the land and to the coast.


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