A Fragrant Retreat at the Hunter Valley Gardens

A Fragrant Retreat at the Hunter Valley Gardens

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/14/2014

Reading time: 3 mins

The Hunter Valley is world renowned for boasting some of the most beautiful cellar doors set against a pristine backdrop of nature.

Rolling fields of gold, grapes hanging heavy on the vines and the rising hills of the Brokenback Ranges is the perfect playground for discovering new world wines and mountain fresh gourmet delights in the heart of Australia.

Embrace the Colour and Charm

Flora lovers will fall head over heels with the remarkable delight of the Hunter Valley Gardens, boasting no less than sixty acres of manicured display gardens you can while away the hours wandering through the enchantment of the twelve themed gardens adorned in spectacular colours.

Let the Gardens Tell a Tale or Two

The storybook garden is sure to ignite your imagination with its larger than life characters perched strategically to tell a tale or two. Humpty dumpty sits on the wall, Jack and Jill tumble down the hill and through the meandering rose bushes you can even find Alice enraptured with the Mad Hatters Tea Party. Children can run laughing from scene to scene and adults will admire the charm and creativity behind the picturesque themed landscape.

In contrast the formal garden is a page straight out of a regal history book. Pear trees line the walkways spilling their fresh fragrant snow white blossom, manicured lawns roll away and three thousand rose bushes peel back their petals in this romantic spot.

Around the World Delights

Stop for an afternoon tea in the sheer delight of the Indian Mosaic Garden. Antique Indian Gates lead the way into a beautifully crafted garden adorned with traditional topiary elephants and a winding mosaic path with brilliant colours sparkling in the sun. Exotic curry plants lend an aromatic spice to the air and Purple Ajuga brings a splash of colour to enjoy whilst sipping hot chai. Continue your stroll around the world adventure in the Hunter Valley Gardens at the Chinese Moongate Garden. Slow growing grasses shine emerald perfectly complemented by a laughing Buddha and tropical far eastern fruit trees like Cumquats, Mulberries and Persimmons are ripe for the picking.

Refresh and Unwind in this Picturesque Retreat

The Garden Terrace is the perfect place to refresh with ice cold drinks and there are tons of charming artisan shops to explore to pick up regional delights to take back home. With endless walkways, glittering lakes and burbling streams there is no better way to spend the day immersed in the nature of the Hunter Valley then in the sunlight and shade of the Hunter Valley Gardens.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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