Is Hunter Valley Gardens worth visiting?

Is Hunter Valley Gardens worth visiting?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/10/2023

Reading time: 3 mins

Hunter Valley Gardens is a gorgeous and lush garden with a shopping village.

Credit: Destination NSW

The beautiful Hunter Valley Gardens isn’t just a huge garden, it has a small shopping complex, restaurants, and events happening all year. Did we forget to mention there are amazing rides at the Hunter Valley Gardens? These rides are available when there are events happening at the Gardens. So yes, it’s definitely worth visiting these lush gardens!

What can I do in the Gardens?

The Hunter Valley Gardens are open all year round. You will need to buy a ticket to enter the Gardens, but it’s certainly worth your money once you start exploring!

Explore the lush gardens

The Gardens took over four years with the help of over 40 different landscape gardeners, architects, and engineers. You can spend hours walking through the eight kilometres of walking paths. You’ll find there are thousands of trees, shrubs and over a million plants. As you walk through the Garden stop and look at the stunning waterfalls and statues. Don’t forget to check out some of the themed gardens too.

Do some shopping

There is a range of different shops in the Garden Shopping Village. There are handmade products, jewellry, a Christmas shop, candles, and many more!

Get a bite to eat

There are a few different restaurants and cafes you can get a bite to eat or a meal.

Do a wine tasting

The Gardens have a delicious winery on the grounds called The Garden Cellars. There’s a range of yummy reds, whites, rosès, and sparkling wines to try.

Attend one of the many events

There is a range of different and exciting events that happen in the Gardens. In the mid year school holidays, the Gardens turn into a winter wonderland! During Snow Time, you can slide down a snow ramp, ice skate, build snowmen, and so much more!

Or check out the Gardens around Christmas to see the Christmas Lights Spectacular. There is so much to see, and it is certainly worth visiting the Gardens to see these amazing Christmas lights.

Enjoy one of the fun rides

During the events, there are rides that run. Typically the events happen during school holidays, so all the kids can enjoy the fun rides! The Garden has classic rides such as the horse carousel, a ferris wheel, teacups, swing chairs, and really long slides.

All year round Hunter Valley Garden has something going on and is certainly worth visiting! Be sure to check the website to see what upcoming events are happening so you can plan ahead.

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