Can you walk between wineries at Hunter Valley?

Can you walk between wineries at Hunter Valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 03/06/2023

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Hunter Valley is one of the most loved wine regions in Australia.

There are over 150 wineries in Hunter Valley, and they all produce a wide range of different wines. Most of the wineries are a fair distance from each other, making it hard to walk from one winery to another. The walk between each winery can take almost an hour!

If you don’t have a car or don’t feel like driving, the best option to get to each winery is by booking a tour.

When you book a winery tour, your tour guide will take you to different wineries. This means you can enjoy your wine tastings without having to worry about getting to the next winery. There are a few different winery tours for Hunter Valley that takes you to other places in the region.

Hunter Valley Winery Tour from Hunter Valley

If you’re already staying in the Hunter Valley, this tour is perfect for you to jump on to try the local wines! You will go to three wineries to taste the local red, white, and sparkling wines.

You will also be trying out some local cheese, meats, and home-grown fare. The Hunter Valley Smelly Cheese Shop will be some of the best cheese you try! Or if you’re a sweet tooth, you’ll go to the local chocolate shop or dessert bar. All this talk about food might spark your interest in lunch. You’ll go to one of the local eateries for a light or hearty lunch.

Hunter Valley Wine Tour

This one day Hunter Valley winery tour is a great way to try out some delicious wines. You will be trying a variety of red, white, and sparkling wines and will have lunch at a local cafe.

You’ll also have time to explore some local stores. We recommend checking out the local cheese shop and the chocolate shop. Or if you want something more to drink, there’s a local distillery you can visit to try some spirits and liqueurs.

Hunter Valley Wine and Foodie Experience

This tour is perfect if you love your wine and food. You will go through Hunter Valley to try some of the best wine while also eating some delicious food in the region. The winemakers at each winery will tell you about the stories of their wines and how they produce each wine. You will also stop to try the local cheese and chocolate as well as some spirits.

Hunter Valley produces some of the best semillon, chardonnay, shiraz, and verdelho in Australia. With many wineries in the region to try, we have no doubt you’ll be enjoying some delicious wine on the tour!

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