Best Hunter Valley Wineries To Visit On a Rainy Day

Best Hunter Valley Wineries To Visit On a Rainy Day

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/03/2024

Reading time: 3 mins

Sometimes you just can’t avoid the rain, but don’t let that stop you from visiting one of Australia’s top wine regions!

Within the Hunter Valley, there are over 150 wineries, all producing fantastic wines with cellar doors you can visit. The Hunter Valley is widely known to be the best region to produce semillon wines!

On those moody rainy days when you’ve already planned to visit the region for wine tastings, here are some of the best wineries that’ll make you feel cosy and welcomed.

Brokenwood Wines

Right by the Hunter Valley Gardens is Brokenwood Wines, a traditional winery with a great selection of wines to taste. Come inside to avoid the rain, take part in a wine tasting and fuel up on a tasty lunch. Walk ins are available, but booking is preferred for tastings, tours or a wine and food flight.

Tulloch Wines

For over 125 years, Tulloch Wines has been crafting some of the best wines in the Hunter Valley. Visit the stunning cellar door to try a diverse range of wines while you’re indoors. There are also other experiences available, so book ahead to avoid missing out!

Tempus Two

Tempus Two provides all visitors with an excellent and warm experience. The cellar door has seating inside, keeping out from the rain while you taste their premium wines. Tempus Two offers a general tasting, a premium wine pairing with chocolate tasting, and a gin tasting!

Lake’s Folly

Lake’s Folly is a cosy, modest cellar door, with outstanding wines. While you’re in the region, it is a must visit to stop by Lake’s Folly to try the exceptional wines. You’ll feel right at home with the winemakers telling you about each wine as you taste them. You’ll walk out of this winery with a bottle in your hand!

Tyrrell’s Wines

For a winery that has kept up with a tradition, you’ll want to stop by Tyrrell’s Wines. This winery is known for its Vat wines, becoming some of Australia’s most famous. Visit the cellar door on a rainy day (or any day) and take part in one of the wine tastings or experiences. The wine tasting is a must as you sample through the set list with a variety of wines across all ranges.

If you don’t mind which wineries you visit, join a Hunter Valley wine tour and spend the day jumping to different wineries! It’s the best way to spend the day, even while it’s raining.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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