Cheese and Wine at the McGuigan Winery

Cheese and Wine at the McGuigan Winery

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 07/20/2016

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Winning the ‘International Winemaker of the Year’ award four times in a row, McGuigan Winery is undoubtedly a well-worthwhile attraction to visit!

In the wine-famed Hunter Valley, there are so many wineries to choose from. But McGuigan Wines is by far one of our top choices, provides visitors with the chance to discover the heart of the Australian winemaking industry and sample award-winning wines. McGuigan Winery is a recognisable favorite with both locals, Sydneysiders, and international travelers, renowned for winning the world record for the winery with the most ‘International Winemaker of the Year’ awards in a row! On-site, visitors can try a slew of world-famous wines, including the popular Black Label variety and experience a number of exclusive creations like the Personal Reserve. It is the perfect way to explore this important culture in Australia with the winery dedicated to experimenting with new flavours and imbuing bottles with the soul of traditional winemaking.

The History of McGuigan Wines

McGuigan wines are well-known and celebrated, spanning numerous decades and four generations of the McGuigan family, the winery has set its heart of demonstrating a deep passion for Australian wine and everything that accompanies it.

In 1880, Owen McGuigan began the winery’s vineyards to supplement his dairy farm income. Over the years and generations the wine aspect enhanced even more, with this family run business asking opinions of their customers to help create the ultimate taste! The brand broke through the international wine industry, selling their Australian wine to all over the world, and winning numerous international and national awards.

This drive has seen the winery bag a collection of awards, and it is now known internationally as one of the country’s finest producers of wine. In 2012, it was crowned International Winemaker of the Year at the International Wine and Spirits Competition in London for the third time, and it has won a number of titles from the IWSC. In fact, McGuigan wines quickly became one of just two wineries in the entire world that has won the best winemaker in the world award three times.

Wine Tasting at McGuigan Wines

The most popular activity at the winery is wine tasting. At the Cellar Door, you can try some of the local flavours, relax in the main hall, and learn more about the history of winemaking at McGuigan, as well as winemaking history as a whole in the Hunter Valley.

This is a chance to discover some of Australia’s best-loved flavours and pick up a few bottles to take home with you, too.

Cheese at McGuigan Wines

A trip to the McGuigan winery wouldn’t be complete without visiting the Hunter Valley Cheese Company nearby. Here, you can sample some of the farm’s most delicious flavours and watch a demonstration of how the cheese is handcrafted from scratch. You can join in an instructional cheese talk, take a tour of the farm and its cheese-making facilities, or simply kick back and relax with a delicious sample and enjoy the incredible views over the Valley.

McGuigan wines offer visitors the chance to get inside the history of Hunter Valley winemaking and discover the region’s most sought-after flavours.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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