How the Hunter Valley Brewery works

Majority of visitor’s flock to Hunter Valley with one thought on their mind; wine. And while this is all well and good for your holiday priorities, others may find wine lacking. Luckily, Hunter Valley has an alternative, with the popular Matilda Bay Brewhouse serving a unique display of beer and cider.

How Beer is Made

There are four basic ingredients to beer; barley, water, hops, and yeast. The idea is to extract all the sugar from the grains using the barley and to turn the yeast into alcohol and CO2. The processes are typically malting, then mashing, boiling, and finally fermentation. After all this, they do the filtration, carbonation, and bottling, resulting in a crisp bottle of beer. Of course, it’s a lot more complicated than that, with different and methods processes in between creating different types of beer and flavours.

How Cider is Made

The sweet alternative to beer; cider has grown in popularity and now is one of the most popular alcoholic choices around. They obtain the natural liquid beverage from the pressing of a finely ground fruit such as apples. Transforming the fruit’s sugars into alcohol by means of the fermentation process. Fermentation is when yeast converts the apple sugars into ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide. Despite apples being the main ingredient, some of the time pears, cherries, or even strawberries can be altered to create a different kind of cider.

How Matilda Bay Brewhouse does it

It is Pokolbin’s very first boutique brewhouse, starting back in 2001 and remaining one of the top attractions in the area. The Matilda Bay Brewhouse is home to both a working brewery as well as a bar and restaurant, with only a glass wall dividing them. This lets folk see the process of beer and cider making a first hand, all the while tasting the finishing product.

What you should order there

The brewhouse is open for both lunch and dinner, serving delicious, mouth-watering meals that complement the brews perfectly. Experience the unique Beer Tasting Paddle of each of the brewery’s twelve brews. And add in the accompanying tasting notes for each for an even better experience. After that, you can try out their signature apple cider for a dessert sweet treat to finish off with.

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