Hunter Valley Spring Festival of the Flowers

Hunter Valley Spring Festival of the Flowers

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/02/2014

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The fragrance of spring is spilling over in the Hunter Valley with the annual spring festival of the flowers.

Sitting prettily at the rolling foothills of the Brokenback Ranges, surrounded by swirling vineyards and with acres of gorgeous green space to explore, the Hunter Valley Gardens is a delight for all the senses.

Spring into Spring

The spring festival of flowers shows the Hunter Valley in all her finest colours. With over two hundred thousand blooming petals to behold you can walk through the endless gardens and be truly enchanted by the sweetness in the air and the kaleidoscope colours before your eyes. Along with mesmerising displays of flora you can also catch plenty of live entertainment, interactive displays and even live cooking shows as part of the springtime delights flooding the Hunter Valley Gardens.

Manicured Magic

The beautiful Hunter Valley Gardens boasts no less than ten splendid gardens all perfectly poised in their own theme. You can meander through the flower beds of the Sunken Garden where a ten meter waterfall tumbles over boulders. The Rose Garden permeates the air with its glorious fragrance, corkscrew bushes and delicate varieties from across the globe. Feel the calming aura of meditation in the inspired Oriental Garden with its traditional pagodas, shimmering waters and evocative Azaleas. Delight your senses with a taste of Mediterranean magic in the Italian Grotto, old world Bougainvillea, weeping pink wisteria and colourful geraniums lighten the mood. The Lakes Walk takes you on a tranquil journey beneath the boughs of weeping willows, past the chapel and along the glistening lakes reflecting the azure Hunter Valley sky.

Delectable Dining

Fine dining is at the heart of the Hunter Valley and the spring festival will not only ignite your nose with its beautiful bouquets but can also tantalize the taste buds. Harrigan’s Irish Pub is the perfect place to relax after a long walk through the gardens, quench your thirst with exceptional hand-picked wines from the Hunter Valley and pair with delectable plates of sticky lamb shanks, succulent soft pork belly, beef and Guinness pot pies and lashings of buttery garlic bread.

Boutique Delights

Whilst visiting the spring festival of flowers in the Hunter Valley you can browse some of the beautiful boutiques in the village. Blissful bookshops, artisan sweet and chocolate shops and gorgeous homewares are all available in the quaint charm of the village.

Cameron Ward
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