Spirits and Liqueurs at the Hunter Distillery

Spirits and Liqueurs at the Hunter Distillery

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 12/14/2016

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The Hunter Valley is the go-to place for wine aficionados visiting Australia.

Liqueurs at the Hunter Distillery

Known around the world as one of the best wine-producing regions, it has remained a pivotal part of the country’s cultural scene for over a century.

Today, there are numerous old vineyards and family-run wineries dotted around the patchwork countryside of the Valley, providing visitors with a charming look into the winemaking process in the region. As well as wines, there is a delicious food scene in the Hunter Valley, promising seasonal flavours and local ingredients.

You can experience both the wine and the food at the Hunter Valley Distillery. The hot spot remains one of the only certified organic distilleries in the Hunter Valley region – no small feat for an area consumed by wineries.

The Distillery is locally owned and run, keeping the essence of the Hunter Valley deeply embedded in the philosophy and working life of the winery and its produce, which includes a world-famous range of spirits, like vodka, liqueurs, schnapps, and the Distillery’s award-winning Copperwave Gin.

Products of the Hunter Distillery

The ingredients used to make the produce at the Hunter Distillery are all organic. You can taste and buy products including Valli Vodka in a range of different flavours, like Apple, Lemon Myrtle, Vanilla, and Chilli, and Black Label Liqueurs and Schnapps, including strawberry, ginger, mango, and butterscotch flavours.

In addition, the on-site Master Distiller can create bespoke Private Label Spirits for special events, like weddings, corporate dos, and functions.

What Makes the Hunter Distillery Different?

The Distillery prides itself on its philosophy, which has been a part of the winery’s life since it first began.

Only the best, organic ingredients are used to make the spirits and liqueurs, and the winemakers endeavour to solely use Hunter Valley rainwater to create their products.

Traditional, time-proven methods that have been used for decades remain in place, but are paired with the latest production and quality control measures to ensure every batch is as good as it can be.

To top it off, the distillery is a heavy ambassador for passion and hard work. All of the winemakers and Distillers have a deep love for creating delicious spirits and liqueurs that reflect the history and charm of the Hunter Valley.

If you’re in the area, the Hunter Distillery offers a spirit-laden break from the abundance of wineries in the Valley, bringing you new and exciting flavours every single day of the year.

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