The Hunter Valley YHA

The Hunter Valley YHA

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/23/2016

Reading time: 2 mins

Set in the sprawling patchwork fields of the Hunter Valley, the Hunter Valley YHA offers visitors a sustainable experience surrounded by exceptional scenery.

Known for its collection of wineries, the Hunter Valley promises delicious local tipple and fresh produce, as well as a range of adventurous pursuits to get stuck into.

At the hostel, you can expect a relaxed and stylish stay, with contemporary bedrooms, an in-house kitchen area where you can meet fellow travellers, and a lounge to kick back and relax in. In addition, there is an outdoor BBQ and pool area for those sunny days, and a café to grab a snack in before you head off on your daily explorations.

The location of the hostel also places you in close proximity of the local pub and a collection of bars and clubs.

Sustainable Stays

The Hunter Valley YHA is a sustainable accommodation option that works hard to keep down its environmental footprint. To do this it offers a solar hot water system, low-energy lighting, and recycling, and it participates in sustainable holidays like Earth Hour and Clean Up Australia Day.

Things to do Around the Hostel

The Hunter Valley offers a whole host of activities to get stuck into, whether you’re looking for an adventurous break or a quiet, relaxing stay.

You can explore the local area on a horse ride, getting up close and personal with the scenery, or you can hit the skies in a hot air balloon to discover the region from a different perspective. There is also bushwalking and bike riding, as well as a local zoo where you can learn more about some of Australia’s best-loved critters.

The Hunter Valley YHA shows guests everything the region has to offer in a relaxed, sustainable environment.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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