What is special about the Hunter Valley?

What is special about the Hunter Valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/25/2021

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We all know very well what is special about the Hunter Valley.

Visit Hunter Valley

It’s a gorgeous, gourmand’s paradise! The beautiful, rolling hills are the home to some of Australia’s best wineries and food producers, all going back into the local gastronomical scene to make a foodie, vino lover’s ultimate road trip!

But the Hunter Valley isn’t just for those who fancy a tipple or five, as it also has plenty of fun and adventure weaving around the vibrant, grape-infused land…

If you’re planning a trip to the Hunter Valley you can expect top quality food, wine and a little adventure in between (if your headache isn’t too powerful, of course!).

Let’s find out about a bit of the fun that awaits you below…

Top class cellar doors, naturally!

The Hunter Valley, along with the Barossa and McLaren Vale, is one of Australia’s most prized wine regions. The region is renowned for its fabulous Semillon, but is not adverse to producing a few fine bottles of Riesling, White Burgundy or Chablis.

What does all this mean for wine lovers? World class cellar doors, of course! The Hunter Valley proudly boasts some of Australia’s most elegant cellar door experiences, with the likes of Brokenwood, Krinklewood and Tyrrell’s Wines each offering unique tasting experiences for thirsty travellers!

You can either visit these impressive cellar doors in your own time, or jump aboard a party bus situation with a few mates, either way you’re sure to ensure some of the country’s best vino…

Hot air balloon ride

The Hunter Valley isn’t just for lovers of grapey juice, and given that it has such spectacular scenery it makes perfect sense that a sunrise hot air balloon ride should top the list for travellers regardless of the size of their hangover!

These incredible tours allow you to soak up the charming, rustic landscape for its quintessential beauty before getting back down to land and enjoying a fine lunch with some even finer local wine.

Cooking classes

The Hunter Valley boasts some of the country’s best food, too, and you can enjoy all its delightful offerings through any number of cooking classes that take place in the region.

Pick your gastronomical style and head into one of the region’s elegant cooking schools, where you can learn the intricacies of Thai street food, slow smoked foods and even desserts!

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