What is the Cellar Door?

If you’ve ever thought of going to a winery, you would have heard of the bonus feature of a cellar door. Some may think of this as a bottle shop attached to the winery itself, but it is in fact much more complex. Essentially, cellar door means a wine tasting room, where visitors can sample on the winery’s range of wines, as the staff discuss the processes, aromas, and flavours featured in each sample tested. Depending on the style of the winery, the cellar door can change in size, staff, and atmosphere.

History of Cellar Doors

Back in the day, the wine was both made and stored underground, using the cool climate to achieve stable temperatures in the wine. These underground wineries were huge, with multiple tunnels and sections storing large barrels and bottle racks. In the last century, customers started buying directly from these wineries, knocking on the door to the cellar instead of purchasing it at a bottle shop. Over time, this ‘cellar door’ evolved to become a tasting and sales area, separating from the winery to become a different section. The term ‘cellar door’ is mostly an Australian term now, rarely used overseas.

Why you should go to a cellar door

So, what’s all the fuss about? You can easily grab a bottle from the local bottle shop and enjoy it just as much as glass at the birthing place. However, the experience and knowledge you receive at these establishments can turn a regular old sip of red into an unforgettable experience. Boutique wineries especially specialise in these cellar doors, with the owners even playing a role in telling visitors the secrets to their creations. Many of the wines offered in the cellar doors aren’t available in bottle shops and are only sold directly from the winery. Giving you a completely unique bottle for your next dinner party, romantic date, or last-minute present.

Where to go?

There are so many winery destinations within Australia, as the country has climbed up the charts in the wine industry. Hunter Valley is one of the top spots, famous for its supreme and unique wine varieties. Visit her for a day jam-packed with lush greenery, welcoming locals, and of course, countless cellar doors.

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