Where are McGuigan Wines from?

Where are McGuigan Wines from?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 10/14/2021

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McGuigan Wines has long been the beacon of Hunter Valley wineries, with over 100 years and four generations producing high-end vino.

Hunter Valley Vineyards

Their passion for the craft and the fertile valley have always been at the forefront of production, creating vintages that have landed accolades like that of the International Winemaker of the Year at the International Winemaker & Spirits Competition held annually in London.

One of the things that makes McGuigan Wines so special is its incredible cellar door experience. Located just a two hour drive from Sydney, wine connoisseurs are treated to a refined tasting experience in an elegantly contemporary setting.

The immersive tasting experience seeks to evoke the flavours of its diverse range alongside sumptuous tasting plates with gourmet produce, complete with vintages that are only available for purchase at the cellar door!

A visit to McGuigan Wines is a must for anyone seeking to experience the true essence of Hunter Valley wine, and should be accompanied with these awesome experiences…

Complete the tasting party

The Hunter Valley isn’t just McGuigan Wines, of course: the region ranks alongside the Barossa Valley and Margaret River as one of Australia’s most revered wine regions, and so you can be sure that you are in for a tipsy day out tasting some of the region’s fine drops.

Although the region boasts an impressive 150 wineries, it is always good to select the best cellar door experiences to accompany your trip to McGuigan Wines. Our picks include Brokenwood (a top class modern producer), Krinklewood (fine wine in French Provencal gardens) and Usher Tinkler (delightful drops made sustainably and biodynamically).

Visiting these diverse cellar doors creates an all-encompassing Hunter Valley experience that encapsulates everything traditional, contemporary, sustainable and sumptuous about Hunter Valley wine and produce!

Don’t miss…

A sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Hunter Valley! It’s probably best to climb aboard before your big day of wine tasting tipsiness, and it will work to get you absolutely pumped for the fun ahead.

Soaring above the fertile regions bucolic bush, hills and vineyards, you will get a true sense of the beauty of this region that goes into its wonderful produce. But, as we said, you might want to do this before tasting day, unless you’re up to the challenge of waking early after your amazing Hunter Valley tasting sessions…

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