Where to eat in the Hunter Valley

Where to eat in the Hunter Valley

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/14/2019

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Take a break from the fast lane and visit the sprawling countryside of Hunter Valley.

Famously known as the best wine region in all of New South Wales…nevertheless, that is not all the area has to offer.

  • Hunter Valley Chocolate Company

    Indulge your sweet tooth for the day (or weekend) and visit the fabulous Hunter Valley Chocolate Company. Find out the secret to chocolate making with the shop integrating with the factory. Ranging in delights, from dark to white, with an endless array of fillings, we guarantee you will fall in love with at least one sweet. The factory chefs are masters at bringing together beautiful tasting treats in a stunning creation. Using the traditional Belgium chocolate recipe while developing it into a modern style.  

  • Circa 1876

    Back in 2017 Circa were the winners of New South Wales Regional Fine Dining award, and not much has changed. Nestled in a heritage cottage, with large hanging chandeliers and rustic wood floors, this restaurant is perfect for both day and night dining. The menu is ever-changing, using the local produce to create some seasonal organic dishes. Ask your waiter for a local wine pairing to really get the Hunter Valley experience.

  • Blaxlands Inn

    For a perfect blend of delicious food and the countryside, visit the Blaxland’s Inn. It’s perfect for the summer season, letting you dine outside on the veranda, marvelling at the sunny surrounds during the day or gazing up at the twinkling stars after dusk. The place serves up hearty pub meals with a stylish twist, filling your belly’s up with astonishingly delicious grub.  

  • Hunter Valley Cheese Company

    Offering guests, the delights of cheese since 1995, the Hunter Valley Cheese Company is chock-full of hundreds of types of everyone’s favourite dairy product. Set off for an afternoon and visit the unique setting of a working factory, a maturation area, a shop, a restaurant, and a tasting room all thrown together. Here you can choose to enjoy a complete cheesy meal, or simply taste test a small range of beauties as you discover the cheese-making process.

  • Muse

    Put on your fanciest shoes and head to Muse restaurant. Famous for their contemporary and creatively designed meals, you will feel as if you are eating a delicious piece of artwork. nestled at Hungerford Hill winery, you can first try out the wines before heading to dinner, or vice versa.

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