Where to stay in the Hunter Valley?

Want a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of the concrete jungle? Perhaps you are fantasizing about a sprawling green countryside where you can kick back and relax, sipping on a big glass of wine as you watch the sunset with your partner or posse. Well, this fantasy can become a reality, as Hunter Valley is just this! A patchwork quilt of lush green vineyards, high-end restaurants, and farm fields, the region promises you a delicious and relaxing trip away.

Just a two-hour drive from Sydney, your best bet to unwind is a couple nights in this stunning region, with some fabulous accommodation ready to welcome you with open arms.

Which area in the Hunter Valley?

Although some may not realise this, the Hunter Valley is a pretty big place, with a number of small villages and suburbs nestled within. Working out which area suits your trip will all depend on your interests in activities and attractions. If you are wanting to winery hop the days away, staying in Pokolbin is your best bet. This is labelled the wine capital of the region, with the highest concentration of the wineries and restaurants around. if you are looking for a bit cheaper but still near the action, Lovedale is another great spot.

Cypress Lakes Resort

Located in the heart of Pokolbin, the Cypress Lakes Resort is a heaven on earth. Equipped with an extensive golf course, five-star restaurant, lively bar, and a tranquil pool, you will find it hard to even leave the resort with all these features. Located a throw from some of the best wineries in town, you can even walk to a couple to enjoy the lush countryside.

The Boathouses

If you want a completely private experience, Lovedale’s Boathouses are just for you. Consisting of four intimate suites that overlook sprawling green grassland and a lily-filled lake. Perfect for a couple’s retreat, with a restaurant, spa bath and private deck all available.

Convent Hunter Valley

Sporting both old school splendour and lush gardens, the Convent Hunter Valley is perfect for a countryside weekend. The historic building was once home for a group of nuns, but nowadays it is filled with antique furniture and relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy the high tea available on a Sunday morning before you head off back to the bustling city.

Tonic Hotel

For modern taste, these iron, glass and wood cabins are perfect for a pristine getaway. The design contrasts beautifully with the natural surrounds, with a complete house on offer including a kitchen. Sit out on the deck and marvel at the stunning wildlife littering the region.

Once you’ve found a place, check out our Hunter Valley Winery Tour from Hunter Valley!

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