Why Drayton’s Family Wines should be on your list!

Hunter Valley is renowned for its long list of wineries, from big well-known brands to small boutique shops.

Drayton’s Family Wines

Narrowing down your choices can be a tough decision, but we suggest making Drayton’s Family Wines one of them.

Drayton’s Family Wines

The family team of Drayton’s Family Wines has been working for more than a century. The very first Drayton was Joseph Drayton, who left England with his wife and three kids. Unfortunately, during the trip, Drayton lost his wife and two of his children, with only one of his sons remaining. Despite this devastating event, Drayton was determined to begin his winery, buying more than 80 acres of land and producing his first wine in the 1850s. Eventually, his son from a new marriage took over the business, which has now been passed down four generations of Drayton’s.

Nowadays, it’s run by Max Drayton and his two sons, John and Greg. Due to the small size and intimacy, you may even get a chance to meet the Draytons, who are keen winemakers and love to talk endlessly about wine for hours on end!

What you can enjoy at the Winery

For visitors wanting a more personal look into the local wine, the Drayton Family Wines promises an authentic look into the winemaking process. Due to its long age, guests can learn about the fascinating history of the Drayton family, as well as their winemaking process that has changed over the years to perfect the wine varieties available. Enjoy an afternoon here on the daily cellar door tours and winemaking tours on offer, where guides go into the creative process that every vine goes through to become the unique sought-after wine drops that have made Drayton Wines so popular.

Due to the mesmerising surroundings of the winery, you can even enjoy a simple stroll through the greenery to finish your time at this family venue!

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