Are cellar doors open in the Hunter Valley?

Are cellar doors open in the Hunter Valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/26/2021

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Short answer: yes, the cellar doors are open in the Hunter Valley.

Hunter Valley Landscape

The region’s most enticing wineries are swinging open their doors and welcoming everyone from wine connoisseurs to “wine not?” day trippers.

The Hunter Valley is revered as hallowed ground for Australian winemaking, proudly boasting some of the most taste-tantalising drops in this wonderfully fertile country.

So what are some of the cellar doors serving up some of the fine Cabernets, Chardonnays, Shirazs and Semillons that make the Hunter Valley such a popular destination for vino lovers from Sydney to Sardinia!

  • McGuigan Wines

    McGuigan Wines won the International Wine and Spirits Competition’s “International Wine Maker of the Year” award in 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2016, so you can assume they know a thing or two about a good drop.

    No trip to the Hunter Valley is complete without a visit to their winery and cellar door, where one of their seasoned experts will talk you through the different varieties as you enjoy the stunning Semillons, Shirazs and Merlots that put this winery on the map.

  • Gartelmann Wines

    This smaller producer may not be on everyone’s list when heading to the local bottle shop, but those who get to visit the cellar door always remember it fondly. Why? Because Gartelmann Wines is a family-run enterprise with a lot of heart and a lot of amazing wine.

    Allow Jan and Jorg Gartelmann to talk you through their varieties and what makes them so special as you sip on the winery’s delightful Shirazs, Semillons, Chardonnays and merlots. A truly wholesome experience awaits you at Gartelmann Wines.

  • Iron Gate Estate

    You would not be amiss to think that you had somehow teleported to the Napa Valley when visiting this rustic, vibrant cellar door. The stunning property was revamped in 2018 and produces some of the most delectable Chardonnays and Shiraz found in the region. Visitors revel in the opportunity to be talked through the varieties in such charming surroundings, with a Spanish-villa style homestead playing host to the tastings.

  • Savannah Estate

    Savannah Estate is another charming property serving up the amazing Semillons, Chardonnays and Shiraz the region is renowned for, with a cellar door experience that leaves guests’ heads swimming with delight. The wines are fantastic and the cheese pairings are nothing short of perfection!

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