Hunter Valley Chocolate Company & Shop at the Hunter Valley Garden Village

Hunter Valley Chocolate Company & Shop at the Hunter Valley Garden Village

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/27/2015

Reading time: 3 mins

The Hunter Valley is widely known to locals as the premier destination for some of the best wines in Australia.

They were the first region to start bottling Chardonnay as well as the first place to put Semillon wines on the map. Hunter Valley has been a weekend getaway for locals for years, but wine isn’t the only reason people continue to visit the area. The Hunter Valley Chocolate Company is another reason.

The company has three locations in the region, making it easy to pair the beautiful local wines with handcrafted Belgian chocolates. But the company doesn’t stop there! They produce the best fudge in Australia, in a variety of flavours. You even have the chance to catch the fudge makers in action at one of the company’s locations. Visitors to the Twenty-3-Twenty shop are able to watch them make the fudge right in front of their eyes.

Hampers and gifts are available to purchase as well, making it easy to leave the Hunter Valley with a nice keepsake of some of the best products of the region. Because of the high demand for their chocolates and fudge, the chocolate company now has an online store to purchase their highly addictive products. From chocolate covered coffee beans to chocolate bark to infused flavours like chilli or mint, the range available to purchase is astounding.

The most popular shop location is one that is located in the Hunter Valley Gardens. A variety of shops to choose from, the Garden Village provides locals and tourists a great shopping experience. Packed with chocolates, fudge, and samples, the shop also engages in planning hampers for corporate functions and weddings. Many who visit the shop are happy to learn that they are going above and beyond a normal chocolate shop.

The shop at Hunter Valley Garden Village also specialises in gourmet trays, baskets, and picnic items for those wanting more than just chocolate. These packaged items include products from the best of the region, including famous wines and oils.

The chocolate lover will love their VIP membership which includes 15% off their merchandise, online ordering, monthly drawings, and priority with registering for new events.

The Hunter Valley Chocolate company has been in the area for 10 years, and has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. Make sure you drop in to watch them create their heavenly fudge or grab a gourmet tray for your day of wine tasting. Either way, it’s worth the trip.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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