Michael Hope – Hope Wines

Michael Hope – Hope Wines

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 05/26/2015

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Michael Hope is somewhat of a local celebrity in the Hunter Valley region.

Starting off as pharmacist in the early ages of his career, Mr. Hope decided to change his life up in 1994 after starting a variety of pharmacies in NSW. He decided to purchase a winery in Broke in the Hunter Valley with 30 acres of vines. From there, the Hope Estate only continued to grow by leaps and bounds. Within the first years, they were producing some of the best wines in the world from the best grapes in Australia. Starting out with only white wines being produced, the quick popularity of the wine allowed for the Hope family to purchase another lot of land in hopes to grow red grapes. In fact, their most popular wines to date now are the Shiraz and Merlot they planted with that purchase of land.

Throughout the 90’s, the family continued to purchase land and increase their grapes grown, making them one of the most famous wine families in Australia. In the early 2000’s, Michael Hope took a huge chance and purchased land in Western Australia and in Victoria. Now, his wines are more internationally known than in Australia itself.

The main winery has transformed into a destination in its own right. And not just for the wine. In 2006, Hope Estate moved into the entertainment industry when they built a 20,000 person amphitheatre. These days it’s not uncommon to have popular international acts like Rod Stewart or Fleetwood Mac perform there. Wine isn’t the only beverage available at the winery either. In 2014 Hope Estate opened its very own brew house, allowing visitors to enjoy their hand-crafted brews with some delicious eats from the restaurant on site. The estate has transformed into a relaxed, informal atmosphere with lounge areas and kid-friendly activities. There are still options to enjoy the fine-dining environment of the estate, but there’s also more spaces to enjoy a pint or glass of wine and wind down at the end of the day with your friends or loved ones. With impressive tasting rooms, state-of-the-art facilities, and delicious wine, Hope Estate has grown from a tiny plot of land into a multi-million dollar workhorse. Michael Hope had a dream to own a winery at a very young age, and has taken those dreams of his and made them a reality.

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