Wine Review: Hope Estate Shiraz

Wine Review: Hope Estate Shiraz

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 02/17/2015

Reading time: 3 mins

When it comes to new world wine it seems Australia does it best and with Hunter Valley Tours you will be able to taste the difference.

Hunter Valley Tours will take you to la crème de la crème of open cellar doors and exquisite vineyards in the incredible lush green landscapes of the Hunter Valley. After tasting farm fresh produce, sipping delectable deep bodied reds and bright zesty whites and of course finding the sommelier secrets from bottle to branch you are sure to fall in love with the Hunter Valley.

  • Innovative Wines for the Connoisseur Community

    No Hunter Valley Tour would be complete without a stop at the incredible Hope Estate. One of the most innovative wineries in the country has earned a sterling reputation for bringing beauty to the bottle and offering pristine conditions on their estate for glorious grapes to grow. One of the most impressive bottles they have within their range is the Hope Estate Shiraz. Known more fondly as The Ripper, this is a dark and truly delectable wine that has been making waves in the connoisseur community.

  • Rich and Full Dark Berry Flavors

    Boasting a dark purple regal coloring the Shiraz is rich and full of blackened fruit overtones. First sip will delight the senses with echoes of blueberry and blackberry bursting on the palate. The tannins are clear in taste but don’t overwhelm and the final flourish rings with a slight oaky vanilla essence. You can taste the warm burst of sun on your tongue and the cool minty breezes that make the Hunter Valley such a divine spot for curating perfect wines.

  • A Dash of Pepper

    The Ripper also holds earthy notes tinged with a dash of pepper, which seems to be a trademark of the Hope Estate. The Hope Estate has been a family venture for years and they have certainly carved a place in history when it comes to exceptional wine making practice. This becomes ever more apparent in the Shiraz with a combination of fermentation techniques bringing something complex and staggering to the surface.

  • The Perfect Accompaniment to Meat

    The Shiraz is the perfect choice to complement marbled red meat dishes particularly roast beef or Italian platters rich in olive oil and lashings of garlic. Any dish with a heavy sauce will also go down spectacularly with the Hope Estate Shiraz. On the Hunter Valley Tour you can explore the best the Hope Estate has to offer and even indulge in several bottles of the beautiful bold and boutique wine to take home and enjoy time and time again.

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward
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