What are the food spots of Hunter Valley?

What are the food spots of Hunter Valley?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 08/22/2019

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Hunter Valley is renowned for its delicious wine, but what about its food?

Hundreds of vineyards covered the lush green region, with restaurants dotted along, either attached to the wineries or standing tall on their own. Whether you’re in the mood for eggs and bacon, delicious sweet treats, or a fine dining experience, Hunter Valley has got you covered.

  • Café Enzo

    Listed at the top of all hunter valley café hot spots, Café Enzo has got a reputation of never disappointing. With excellent rewed coffee and eye-catching breakfast cuisines, the menu will satisfy both your Instagram followers and your tastebuds. Enzo warmly greets its guests for an early morning coffee, a sweet or savoury breakfast, or even a late lunch delight! Ticking every box and offering the perfect start to your Hunter Valley adventure.

  • The Cottage Scone

    Once a private hospital that has been converted into a destination restaurant, The Cottage Scone is truly a picturesque lunch spot. Run by the famous Sydney city chef, Colin Selwood. After conquering both Sydney and Melbourne with award-winning restaurants, Selwood was drawn out to the Hunter Valley by his country boy heart. Creating a menu of French, Asian, and Mediterranean flavours amidst the lush greenery.

  • EXP

    For an interactive, entertaining, and delicious lunch, head on down to EXP. Set along one of the smooth wooden benches, and stare right into the kitchen, watching your food made from starch as you wait with a glass of the local wine.

  • Restaurant Cuvee

    Located at Peterson House, the café is renowned for its brekkie with bubbles option. Serving both sweet and savoury breakfast meals with a side of the local Sparkling Peterson House Wines. The restaurant’s tables are nestled against the large window, showcasing the sparkling grassland and vineyard. Making it one of the prettiest places to enjoy a meal in Hunter Valley.

  • Cocoa Nib

    In between the big meals and sightseeing, head to Cocoa Nib for a delicious break. Owned by the renowned pastry chef Aymee Slaviero, Cocoa Nib serves to mouth-watering chocolates and cakes. With either a pot of tea or a glass of sparkling wine to go along with it!

  • Muse Restaurant

    For a Hunter Valley fine dining experience, Muse Restaurant is the way to go. Created by husband and wife duo Troy and Megan Rhoades-Brown. Winning numerous awards every year since its opening. If you’d prefer a more casual affair, you can try out the sister restaurant named Muse Kitchen.

  • Hunters Quarter

    This restaurant has been a hotspot since its opening in 2017. With to die for cuisines including seafood dumplings, kangaroo loin, or a plum compote. Offering stunning views to go along with your meal!

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