Why Peterson House is Worth the Visit

Why Peterson House is Worth the Visit

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 09/14/2020

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Nestled along the edge of Hunter Valley is the Peterson House, the perfect gateway into this picture-perfect wine-loving region. Offering spectacular views of the sprawling greenery to go with the endless glasses of bubbles, whites, and reds available!

About the Peterson House

This winery is family-owned, named after the family since its beginning in 1982. Sticking with their traditional winemaking process and adding in a few modern techniques along the way. It is one of the main wineries in Hunter Valley that specialises in sparkling wines, with at least 40 different types of red, rose, of white sparkling varieties to pick from! If sparkling isn’t for you, there are plenty of still wines to choose from, with delicious drops to go with the charming atmosphere this winery has to offer! Finish off with one of their divine sweet dessert wines, with rich gold colours ranging in honeysuckle blossom flavours to a summer citrus taste!

Peterson House’s Cellar Door

If you’re interested in learning more about the wine you’re drinking, head to the winery’s Cellar Door for a detailed explanation on each drop! Here, guests can sip on the latest wines on offer listen to the professional staff as they detail the winemaking processes and the signature flavours. They also offer certain wine varieties that aren’t available in the bottle o’s, giving you some unique gifts for your family and friends.

Restaurant Cuvee

If you are feeling a bit lightheaded from all the wine, head over to the winery’s restaurant! The Restaurant Cuvee serves an everchanging menu that changes depending on the season, using the local produce surrounding the region to create a unique range of cuisines. The exposed timber beams and intricate ironwork makes for a stunning environment to settle into as you dig into the delicious meals on offer, washing the rich cuisines with the matched wines!

The latest addition to the Peterson House is the on-site Oyster Bar, perfect for a weekend summer adventure with your partner or posse. Set up on the deck, you can soak up the sun as you slurp down the salty selection of oysters, with the cheese, antipasto, and of course wine that is offered with it! Check the calendar for any upcoming events held in the restaurant, with food festivals or musical events held here during the summertime!

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