What can you do in the Hunter Valley if you don’t drink?

What can you do in the Hunter Valley if you don’t drink?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 06/02/2021

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Yes, the Hunter Valley is synonymous with fine wine and tipsy times.

Hunter Valley Hot Air Balloon

It is a sprawling wonderland of rolling vineyards that cater to connoisseurs and revellers alike, and it is a place where most go to have one, two or maybe seven glasses of world class Shiraz.

But for the teetotallers out there who want to enjoy this stunning region without the hangover, there are plenty of awesome activities you can take part in.

You don’t have to leave the Hunter Valley with a headache – here are some great activities you can take part in if you don’t drink.

  • Enjoy the fresh air on a sunrise hot air balloon flight

    The Hunter Valley may be beautiful because of its vineyards, but you don’t only have to enjoy them for their alcoholic fruits! A sunrise hot air balloon ride over the Hunter Valley is an unforgettable experience, as you can see the beautiful landscape in the gorgeous morning light. It makes for an amazing gift for someone who wants to experience this serene part of Australia without the tipple.

  • Saddle up for a horse ride

    If being in the open air at altitude isn’t your thing, you can experience the beautiful landscape by saddling up for a Hunter Valley horseback ride! This ride will take you past the picturesque vineyards, rugged bushland and pristine farmland that make the Hunter Valley a most peaceful part of Australia, and is the perfect adventure for beginner horse riders as it moves along at a steady pace.

  • Cook up delicious local produce

    The Hunter Valley isn’t just known for fine wine – it’s also known for world class food! You can enjoy the very best of local, organic produce by taking part in either a private cooking class, a deliciously-dougie pizza making class or a spectacularly sweet candy making class. Choose your cuisine, create some delicious bites and, best of all, enjoy eating them at the end!

  • Go shopping

    Because a region like the Hunter Valley is renowned for making everything good and wholesome, whether it’s food, arts, crafts or jewellery. The Hunter Valley Markets is the perfect place to pick up an awesome souvenir, with everything from wood and glass creations to locally-grown produce taking up the bountiful stalls!

See, you don’t have to drink to enjoy the Hunter Valley

It’s a most amazing part of the world anyway – have a great trip.

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