What do they make at the Hunter Valley Distillery?

What do they make at the Hunter Valley Distillery?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/18/2019

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Hunter Valley is branded as one of the biggest winery districts in all of Australia. With a smorgasbord of the countryside, charming shops, and famous wineries, all providing an opulent lifestyle for travellers visiting.

But after a few wineries and a lot of wine, what else is there? Hunter Valley Distillery offers an alternative, with distilled vodkas, gins, and liquors, all ranging in an endless amount of flavours.

Intro About Hunter Valley Distillery

The locally owned distillery is nestled right in the heart of Hunter Valley, at the popular Pokolbin. It aims to provide the region with exceptional top-shelf spirits for both locals and tourists. By obtaining the best organic ingredients Hunter Valley has available, Hunter Valley Distillery has created their signature spirits by using traditional methods with the latest production and quality control. The shop is open seven days a week, welcoming large groups and individual guests through its doors until five o’clock.

  • Vodkas

    Vodka; the harsh but beloved spirit that the Russians and Poles fight over as their own. The drink has grown from its first creation in 1400AD to one of the most popular spirits across the globe. It is quite a simple liquid to produce, made from starch converted into sugar, done through fermentation and distillation. Although it can be made from pretty sure anything that can be fermented to create alcohol, the majority of the time potatoes, sugar beet molasses or grains are used. The raw elements used to create the vodka transforms the end taste, with other ingredients or methods added to create unique flavours. At Hunter Valley Distillery, there is such a huge range of flavours, it’s hard to try them all in one session! With sweet apple flavours, to sour lime, to even spicy chilli, we guarantee even the fussiest drinker will enjoy at least one of these liquors.

  • Gins

    There a four main styles of gin; London dry gin, Dutch genever, old tom, and compound gin. As well as being made three ways, distilled, re-distilled, and compounded. It’s defining characteristic is Juniper, which tastes similar to pine, herbaceous, and floral. For Hunter Valley Distillery, they have four signature types to choose from, with some being ordinary pure gin, to others being sweet colourful ones!

  • Liquors

    Liqueurs and Schnapps are next on Hunter Valley Distillery’s menu! With these sweet, sour, and creamy drinks offering unique and glorious sensitivities. Schnapps and liqueurs is a type of distilled spirit, used by fermenting fruit juices and other ingredients along with the base liquor. Try the unique ‘test tube’ tasting experience to try out not just an assortment of liquors, but a wide range Hunter Distillery’s spirits.

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