What wine is the Hunter Valley famous for?

What wine is the Hunter Valley famous for?

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 01/11/2021

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Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s greatest wine-making regions.

The region is dotted with extraordinary wineries, from century-old brands to boutique award-winning venues. Here are our top winery spots in Hunter Valley that have made this area one of the most famous spots to visit in New South Wales.

  • McGuigan’s Wine

    Awarded the International Winemaker of the Year a few times during the last decade, McGuigan’s Winery has put Hunter Valley wine on the map! The winery focuses on traditional production methods which they have been perfecting for years, using their traditional style to create a range of wine varieties. One of their best is their popular black label, which appears in bottle shops across the country!

  • Waverley Estate

    Waverley Estate is the only Aged Wine Specialist in all of Hunter Valley, and a highlight for many professional wine drinkers who visit. They go more for quality, not quantity, so each wine bottle is special, making it a great place to grab a memorable drop or a present for your friends and family.

  • Peppertree Wines

    Pepper Tree Wines

    This winery is famous for getting red wine on Hunter Valley’s map, being dubbed the ‘king of red’ in, not just Hunter Valley, but all of Australia.

  • Wynwood Estate

    Although it is one of the newest wineries, Wynwood Estate skyrocketed in popularity since its opening, making it one of the most visited wineries in the valley and selling a large range of bottles out across the rest of the country. Focusing on delivering modern flavours, Wynwood Estate tempts the tastebud with unique and unusual flavours in fan favourites!

  • Gartelmann Wines

    Hunter Valley isn’t just famous for its big brands, but also their boutique family-owned brands. Gartelmann Wines is one of these treasures, being perfect for those wanting a more personal approach when taste-testing the wine varieties. Serving some of the best shiraz, semillon, and chardonnay around, you won’t be able to leave this winery without a couple of bottles under your arms!

  • Tulloch Wines

    Being run by the Tulloch family for over 122 years, this winery is famous for both its flavours and passion. These small family-owned wineries have made Hunter Valley one of the key historic wine regions around, with families working together to produce passion-filled bottles of red, white and sparkling.

  • Harkham Wines

    Natural wine is growing in popularity for mainstream, and Harkham has set Hunter Valley up as a perfect natural wine spot to visit. Getting rid of the chemicals and using technological intervention, Harkham Wines creates wine just as delicious as a traditional drop, all the while being completely organic!

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