The Wines and Winemakers of Wynwood Estate

The Wines and Winemakers of Wynwood Estate

Written by: Cameron Ward

Published: 04/20/2017

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Indulge yourself at this award-winning winery for an afternoon to enjoy the lovely ambiance and learn the local vineyard knowledge

The Hunter Valley is one of Australia’s prime winemaking regions and boasts numerous vineyards that produce some of the world’s best-loved wines. It is renowned for being one of New South Wales most popular tourist destinations, as well as being the perfect place to escape the bustling city of Sydney. One of the newest editions to the Valley’s family is the Wynwood Estate. This new project has snapped up one of the oldest vineyards in the region and is dedicated to creating wines that imbue both the fascinating history of the Hunter Valley and the traditional winemaking ways. Set in a stunning location, the on-site cellar door provides visitors with the chance to sample some delicious flavours as well as enjoy the spectacular views across the Valley and beyond. Still not convinced? Take a look at why this winery should be at the top of your Hunter Valley bucket list!

Wynwood Estate’s Chief Winemaker

Chief winemaker Peter Lane boasts more than 20 years’ experience in the Hunter Valley wine industry and has worked alongside some of the top people in the Valley over the years.

Lane decided at a young age that he wanted to go into winemaking after growing up with a keen interest in science, viticulture, and agriculture. He then went on to land his first job in the industry at Mount Pleasure as a trainee chemist, which is where he developed his love for Hunter Shiraz and Semillon. Afterwards, it was onto Southcorp where he worked at Tulloch Wines for the best part of the 1990s. Here, he learned a different side to winemaking before he was taken on by Tyrrells as an assistant winemaker.

Lane’s extensive experience and love of winemaking means he has the knowledge, skill, and passion to create some of the Valley’s best wines at the Wynwood Estate.

The Wines of Wynwood Estate

Wynwood produces a range of delicious wines, from fortified varieties, to blossoms and everything in between.

  • The Grey Gum Limited Release Range

    Perhaps the most popular line of wines from Wynwood is the Grey Gum Limited Release Range. These bottles of red are made exclusively with fruit from Barossa, bringing a unique array of flavours to the wine. They boast full flavours and can be enjoyed at the estate right now.

  • Grey Gum Range

    The original Grey Gum Range also proves to be a popular collection at the Wynwood Estate. These wines can be enjoyed alongside a range of different cuisines and boast a light, zesty flavour that’s imbued with lots of fruit.

Other wines produced at Wynwood include sparkling blossoms in rose and white and fortified wines that bring a sense of tradition to the table.

Overall, this historic vineyard provides some mouth-watering delights to your HUnter Valley trip, and the modern winery itself gives you a great insight into the making of wine while you marvel at the surrounding greenery.

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